Shri Babaji's message on Krishna Janmashtami 

King Ugrasena ruled the Kingdom of Mathura. His son was Kamsa. By nature he was wicked, narrow minded and for selfish needs could harm anybody. Devaki was his sister who had got married to Vasudeva. To this couple was born Lord Krishna. Legend has it that Kamsa heard a cosmic voice while driving the chariot, taking his sister and brother-in-law in a procession, which prophesized that the eighth son of Devaki (his sister) would slay him.



baba_message_gopala1He became more insecure. Already wicked and when felt insecure, became a maniac demon. He wanted to kill his own sister, but Vasudeva promised to hand over the children as soon as they would be born. Kamsa became more wicked and ordered torturing of his own subjects. He took over the kingdom forcibly and put his own father behind bars. He had put his sister and brother-in-law also into jail. He went on killing all the children born to his sister. Vasudeva managed to escape somehow and carry the eight child to Gokulam where his friends Nanda and Yashoda  were living. Vasudeva left the child with them and came back to Mathura. Escape of the eighth child was miraculous.

Indeed it was a wonder and miracle that this child was saved. Whenever great, sincere and loyal human efforts happen, the Divine grace also descends. There is this old saying, 'God helps those who help themselves'. This child was Sri Krishna. He gave Bhagavadgeeta to the world which is considered as one of the greatest Upanishads. Perhaps even at a very early age, Sri Krishna was Self Realized. Even in Bhagavadgeeta, Sanjaya narrating the Maha Bharata war to Dhritarashtra, addresses Sri Krishna as Yogeshwara, meaning Lord of Yogis, perhaps the greatest Yogi the world has ever seen. He was perfect as a personality. Since childhood was psychologically expert. Had the highest knowledge about mind and Soul. As I have always emphasized that religion or spirituality for me is when one is able to perform sadhana to keep physical health, then using this physical body keeping the mind in its healthiest position with Self awareness. When Mind is pure, one would be able to uphold moral values. Sri Krishna was one of the greatest upholder of moral values. He taught to see larger cause always. He said purpose is more important than the rules themselves. If through a certain action, we can serve larger cause that is dharma (real duty and righteousness), always we need to overcome selfish narrow mindedness. When humans become selfish and narrow minded, they try to set one justice for themselves and another for others.


Sri Krishna taught that while trying to live a stress free life with high moral values one can achieve Self awareness by trying to keep mind quiet and not allow it to brood and become dissatisfied in any way, through meditation, devotion, karma (active life). Everywhere one needs to learn to accept the things as they come. Before that one needs to put in efforts with will power and focused mind and when results come accept them graciously. Then only one can have Peace.

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