Mind and Kundalini

Babaji answers the question of a devotee on the topic of kundalini experiences:

Whatever you are experiencing at the moment is really wonderful and I feel you are a blessed Soul. This can be healing energy. Also it appears that this has given you bliss. However, you shall not apply this healing energy on anybody because you are likely to loose it, soon after giving rise to a lot of mental agony and different emotions like lust, anger, and frustration, etc...

Let me enlighten you a little about mind and kundalini and their inter-relationship. Actually both mind and kundalini are the two branches of the same tree called Supreme Soul, the Ultimate Truth. With its imaginations and thoughts, in thousands of ways, a part of your (Real Self) consciousness has gone into the Universe and you call this as "mind". A little bit of this same conscious energy has gone inside the body and this is called the "kundalini" which means "coiled energy". Compared to the kundalini, the mind is more powerful and widely spread in the universe consciously with imaginations. Through meditation when the mind becomes totally concentrated, losing all it's imaginations in every way, then it lifts the kundalini before getting delinked from the intelligence and starts going towards Samadhi. At this stage, using it's emotional energies, mind tries to create enormous bliss which can give rise to excitement. Mind tries to do this so that it can jump back into imaginations and run towards the illusion called "the Universe".

What I feel is, that with your breathing meditations, the mind getting concentrated has been trying to lift the kundalini and also is creating ecstasy. Suggestions are that at this stage you need to have enormous patience and constantly pray to the Divine Guru to help you to remain calm and keep the body also calm and not allow it to get trapped into the enormous vibrational energy that is being produced. Total mental composure is the remedy to control this body's vibrational movements, including the physical mudras. At that time remain calm. Keep praying. If possible try to sit in what is called vajrasana, folding your legs in such a way that your toes are pressing against hips and your back and neck are straight. Keep pressing on the nails with one hand to the other and repeat several times on both right and left hands. This will give you the necessary nervous stretch and mental composure. You can have a normal breathing. Then with prayers to guide you through to total Self Realization. May the Divine Guru give you the strength to remain calm. Enormous detachment is also necessary.

Suggestions are that at this stage do not bother about any mission or helping others. This can happen later when the Divine will ordain. Then try to meditate with focusing the eyes in between eyebrows and remain like a witness. Do not try to analyze about any thoughts or visions. You will progress. It can become dangerous if you try and start using this just now. Instead this can take you towards Self Realization which is the recommended goal. That Supreme Peace.

Hope I have been able to clarify. If you require any further clarifications, please feel free to ask me to help you. We will be happy to help you. God bless you.
With love and blessings

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