Mothers' Day 2005

Perth 8th May

Today is Mother's Day. The concept of "Mother" is perhaps God's greatest concept. When the creation came out of the Divine, a tremendous eruption of consciousness, Rudra, occurred. And with that consciousness, an enormous energy came out, engulfing the whole of creation. The huge fireball of energy threatened to consume the whole of creation. So Brahma and Vishnu together prayed to the Divine to convert this enormous energy into the concept of Mother. Mother will forgive unreservedly. This Mother is referred to as Adi Parashakti - "Adi" meaning "first", "Para" meaning "invisible" and "Shakti" meaning "energy". So it is with gratitude to the Divine that we think of this, and honour the Mother. Mother is the kindest, but still when she sees the children on the wrong path, she will pull them up. In the same way, a Yogi is like a Mother and Father. He is affectionate like the Mother, but if we go on the wrong path and get caught up into the dualities of the world, then the Yogi will pull up His children as a Mother. The Guru is always an ocean of Grace. If Guru shows he is annoyed, it is only to help. If he gets angry, it doesn't mean he rejects or destroys the child. A Mother will never reject the child. So we are grateful to the God for the creation of the Mother. Just as every child is totally secure with the Mother, so also every soul is totally secure with the Guru.

Following this, Baba sang the song "Anantha Roopini"  - ' Mother Your forms are boundless. The creatures that have come out of You are also boundless, and Your names are boundless. You are the source of all worldly enjoyment, and the source of Liberation also. You live in the heart of Lord Shankara. Oh Mother, protect me. Mother, protect me.'


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