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Be practical in life, try to see the truth

Philadelphia, 13th June 2012

Part 2

Peace, that is what everybody is looking for in this world. Whatever we try to do, we want happiness and peace. But we are unable to achieve that peace.


swamiji 1009Somebody, who was about sixty-four years age, one day he came, and was seeking blessings from my Master, asking Swamiji, “I haven't been able to settle in the business, please bless me.” Swamiji rebuked and ridiculed him, “Has the business allowed anyone to settle down ever? What nonsense, you are sixty-four years old and you have not yet settled in life at peace! When are you going to? Practice meditation and know yourself, then you will be able to settle down. It is not the business which will make you to settle down. You can be a businessman until a hundred years if you are going to live, but at least you will be able to settle down peacefully if you practice meditation,” He said.

That's how this world also has not allowed anybody to settle down in peace. When we go to this world with desire, with wanting for happiness, it is never to be achieved. The mind doesn't stop anywhere, because everything is impermanent. The body itself is impermanent. So that is why this meditation is taught, is recommended. So slowly, you make this, which has become a mind now because of its imagination, labelling idea effects, make it quiet, at peace and purified, means give up all its wrong habits that it has conditioned itself since time immemorial with judgements. How to do this one is the meditation.

When the mind is just looking
it is not thinking.

When you practice the watching process, looking and observing; this is the most important point that you need to learn if you want to successfully keep meditating and achieve that peace. Because when the mind is just looking, it is not thinking. Both cannot happen with a hundred per cent concentration. Either it becomes preoccupied with its thinking or it becomes preoccupied with looking. When it is looking, that is when it becomes quiet eventually. By practice-habit – when a certain thing has become habitual to the mind, we need to make it give up that habit, and bring it to its origin. To make it give up that habit, we can take the help of a strong habit, of a determined thinking, “I need to do this, I must go for that one.”

So thus, as I was talking in the beginning, as the consciousness has come away from its Mother Consciousness and has become slowly diluted, diluted, diluted, it has lost its power to be at peace, to be able to think properly, to take proper judgements or decisions. Very often we come with the questions of indecision in life because people always want to be successful whatever they do. They don't want to be unsuccessful. They are afraid. But nobody can know what is going to happen tomorrow. They can be so many other fields which try to note what is going to happen tomorrow. And we simply lose our dollars, our money when we want to know that. “Somebody will give me five hundred dollars I will tell you what will happen.” He will tell you something, either a positive or a negative, something colorful, some this, some that. It happens or not, he is not going to be there tomorrow. You will be there.

You know that you have to get up and you have to work for yourself, you have to earn your bread, everything you know. That's what Swamiji used to tell. “You don't need somebody else to talk about your future. If you are positive, you can shape a positive future for yourself, a positive future. Be practical in life, try to see the Truth.” That is what He emphasized.

The important thing is
we shall never feel
distracted, disturbed,
disappointed, frustrated
in life, whatever happens.

Always when you practice meditation, you will be able to know your future. That means you will know. Future means not what is going to happen tomorrow – you will not be worried about the future, just like a soldier knows what is going to happen. Either of the two, that's it, simple. Either we will be successful, or we will not be successful, no problem, we will try again. Always we were taught – everybody knows this old saying, “First failure is the beginning of success.” It means the important thing is we shall never feel distracted, disturbed, disappointed, frustrated in life, whatever happens. That attitude can be built up when we practice meditation.

Slowly, this mind, which has become diluted, when it becomes purified, it starts going back to its mothership, mother, mother, mother and it gains its momentum. As it goes, it gains that power of better judgement, taking better decisions, better thoughts come, strong and higher quality thoughts come always, that is the benefit in your life that you can derive. Thus you can live a stress free life and you know.

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