The entire world is into conflict

Perth Talk – 13th May 2012

Part 2


Why are you allowing your mind
to give rise to such imaginations,
which may not exist at all?

Everywhere whenever there is conflict, whenever people behave in such a way, it appears like baby stuff. They are so immature. Why are they doing like this? Why can't they live in peace and happiness? This is what comes to my mind. Since childhood that's how I used to think whenever my surroundings, others were thus. I never allowed my mind to go into any wild imaginations unnecessarily and give me troubles.

For a long time I could never imagine, even much before my Tapas also. Suppose two people are walking on the road, when ten people see or a hundred people see, their minds jump into gossip of their own nature and it tries to generate such rumors within and such people cannot keep quiet. They have to talk to others and thus conflicts arise. All over the world this is the general habit which I saw since childhood and I disliked, and I used to ridicule my friends also, "Why are you allowing your mind to give rise to such imaginations, which may not exist at all? It could be simply your own, pure imagination and you are becoming troubled. You are also into conflict and unnecessarily you are trying to brainwash others who are with you, which is not needed at all. Why can't you just remain in your peace and happiness? Let them be, whatever it is. If still you want to know, go and ask who they are what they are at least, instead of imagining from a distance."

Even now we go around the world and we keep watching people. I behave in a certain way just for no reason, it could be just by habit. Suppose I eat one eatable, so many rumors and gossip can be generated, can be run around the world with people. They cannot keep quiet, they try to imagine, "This is what Babaji wants. Oh, this is what He likes, this is how." Everybody tries to generate their own imagination. Instead, if they had simply asked me I could have told, "This is what I want." So I am just saying these things for educational purposes. Please, nobody think that it is directed to any individual or group of individuals. This thing simply came to me as an imagination so that I can teach you all, to make you understand what tricks this mind could be playing on human beings, on every creature.

This mind came to such standstill,
giving me so much peace and
enjoyment all the time,
contentment all the time.

But imagine, all other creatures do not have the ability to think like this, to ponder like this, try to understand like this. Since childhood I used to think like this and thus I could attend my imaginations and control them, restrain them. This is what is known as the self-restraint. So no such imagination ever made me behave aggressively, lose control over myself. I could restrain myself by this type of practice and meditation also became so easy. Through meditation, and in a much stronger way, this mind came to such standstill, giving me so much peace and enjoyment all the time, contentment all the time.

For a long time now I cannot imagine anything wrong about any person, even if a person is behaving wrongly, so some people try to take me for granted and use it. So that's why I need sometimes assistance, so that somebody can remain alert, "Something wrong is happening Babaji. You need to attend to these things." So these are the mind's things that happen. But when you practice mediation you can live as a normal personality. You can still imagine but you will not allow your imagination to go wild, unnecessarily growing like a snake even after its death. That's how the rumors spread. Like an old joke that we saw in a magazine. The young boy asks his friend, "Does the snake grow even after its death?" He says, "Why is it so that you are asking?" "Because my father is supposed to have killed a snake long ago. Every time he talks to somebody the length increases." That is the joke. That's how the mind also imagines and spreads, imagines and spreads. This is what spins a separate world and everybody becomes miserable in this world.

Overcome the ego
and satisfy our Self.

The entire world is into conflict. We always read scientifically, spiritually, that Earth has so many resources to sustain the life for everyone, everybody could have lived happily. Sometimes we read in magazine statistics so much war that has happened, so much spending that has happened. Every person could have been fed easily everyday for this amount, for this money, for this resource, but yet we do not realize as human beings that we are always into satisfying our egos rather than trying to overcome the ego and satisfy our Self. We don't satisfy our Self but we try to satisfy our ego. When I talk like this it means, an ego is a generated imagination of our own Self which really does not exist. It means we have narrowed ourselves.

This is what I have instructed always, "Keep watching by focusing the attention of your mind and sight in between eyebrows, and do not repeat snapshot 1 7-07-2013 3-50 pmanything." It means no need to repeat any sound, any mantra, any name, nothing. No need to have any anchor. Just keep watching and do not imagine also. Again and again, every day. The instructions I have given mean when you watch, if anything comes, if any vision comes, if any thought comes, try not to think about it, "What is this? This is good or this is bad," then the mind can stop. If you apply willpower then the meditation picks up and it becomes so tasteful and you start enjoying.

Whenever the mind stops, wherever it stops you enjoy. But if you ponder over this, through some practice, if the mind can become quiet on its own without any external anchor, then you are independent. Only then you are Liberated. Only then you can become Enlightened. That is when you are able to Realize your Self − Self Realization. Until then we always try to depend on some anchor, something of this world.

Everything is impermanent but we try to depend on something of this world and we become miserable if that something goes wrong according to our imagination. We imagine about God also in a certain way, "God should be like this. He should fulfill my wishes only." Then we accept and understand it as God or Guru. Otherwise He is not a Guru, He is not a God at all. So then we become miserable again.

First try to know
your own fault.

So that is how these imaginations can create, and this human life can be such a beautiful gem. Because of the presence of the brain we are able to think all these things. That is the application of wisdom, "Why is this happening? What is this happening?" That is why all great Sages and Saints and spiritual Masters have always said, "First try to know your own fault." My Master also, that is why He told, "All those people who can find their own faults, who can rectify, who can understand their fault, they become great people in this world." Otherwise many of the people simply end up finding fault with others, trying to tease others, trying to make fun of others, trying to put down others, belittle others; but they are belittling themselves, they are putting down themselves. This is what is happening all over the world. Every day we are made to see this. People come closer to the Teacher but they fail to understand, they don't want to learn.

So the learning process is very important. We should be ready to learn. You know that I am a Teacher but I never consider that I know everything and I don't have anything to learn at all. Any moment, any time, any personality I come across, if at all there is something good – even in a worst personality – I don't hesitate to learn, which can benefit my personality, through which I can live a better life in this world. I can teach in a better way. I can move in a better way. That is the beauty of life. So every person should try to rectify their own mistakes, understand. That is what we'll be doing when we practice meditation. That's what this meditation can give. None of the powers of this world can stand in front of this Peace and Happiness, this Contentment when you Achieve. Nobody can bend you to the knees when you have that Peace and Happiness.

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