Monthly Sundarakaand Chanting
at Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Ashram's
Hanuman Mandir at the base of the Ashram Garden.

On 29 June Saturday evening a beautiful Sundara Kaand chapter Chanting from Saint Tulasi Das' Sri Ramacharita Maanas was organized by Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram, Dehra Dun Trustees led by Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj, direct disciple of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj and present Spiritual Head.

Baba Shiva Rudrabalayogi Maharaj has always emphasised that He is totally guided by The Divine Adi Guru Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.

Shri Babaji writes:

Sundarakaand is a very beautiful chapter of the great epic Ramayana. After Hanuman's meeting Lord Rama and Sugreeva become friends. Vali is killed by Rama and Sugreeva becomes the King of Kishkinda.

After the rains were over Sugreeva sends his army led by able commanders in all the four directions in search of Lord Rama's wife Seeta Mayya (Mayya is the affectionate word for a Mother) who had been taken away forcibly by demon Ravana, King of Lanka. The search party led by crown prince Angad, son of Sugreeva, great Hanuman, Jambavant and other warriors go towards the south in search of Seeta.

hanuman mandir chanting1Yogavaasishta talks about Hanuman as a great warrior with immense physical, mental, intelligence strengths who was a SELF Realized Soul. But Hanuman was equally humble and maintained Himself as a servant of Lord Rama and never claimed to be a Master. That's Hanuman's greatness.

After reaching southern sea shore of India, the search party comes to know that Seeta was held captive by King Ravana in Lanka through Sampaati, an eagle warrior whose brother Jatayu had fought Ravana valiantly to stop Seeta from being taken away and got killed by Ravana to become a martyr.

Then Jambavaant the Bear warrior and other monkey warriors discuss the distance of Lanka and vast ocean to cross to reach Lanka and their strength and weakness. Finally it was decided that only Hanuman had the great strength, courage and intelligence to cross the ocean and reach Lanka to find the place where Mother Seeta was held captive.

Gurudev Swamiji used to tell, while talking about Yogavaasishta that Hanuman was a great SELF Realized Master. Swamiji had clarified that here Master means the one who had achieved mastery over mind, the actual Self Consciousness and remaining in The Self Awareness at all times. Thus Hanuman remained in Sahaja (Natural) Samadhi at all times and unconscious of the created universe, was only a witness to this world.

hanuman statueSwamiji said, mythology speaks that Hanuman was cursed as a child by a sage that He would forget His physical and mental strength. As a child Hanuman was a naughty boy who played and troubled sages who were in sadhana. Later when Hanuman's parents begged pardon, the sage said Hanuman would regain memory of His physical strength when the right time will come and He has to serve His Master. Swamiji said though Hanuman was SELF Realized but His Devotion was unwavering to RAMA, Hanuman was unconscious of this world and remained in the CONSCIOUSNESS of LORD RAMA.

After being reminded by Jambavaant that only Hanuman had the strength and intelligence to carry out the task of reaching Lanka and find out the place where Seeta was being held in captivity Hanuman became ready to go to Lanka. Sri Rama also knew that Hanuman was always in the awareness of SELF as a Realized Master but had the strength to find out about Seeta. Sri Rama had given His ring to show Seeta to convince Her that Hanuman was indeed an emissary of Lord Rama.

Finally Hanuman flew over the ocean to reach Lanka after crossing many hurdles. The story tells that when Hanuman was searching for Seeta in Lanka He came across Vibheeshana, brother of King Ravana, worshipping Lord Rama. Swamiji said Vibheeshana was a SELF Realized Soul.

Hanuman meets Seeta and hands over Sri Rama's ring by introducing Himself as a servant of Lord Rama and hence Seeta His Mother. Later He plans to know the strength and weakness of Ravana and also to create psychological pressure and fear in Ravana about Sri Rama. After some dramatic events He is taken to King Ravana's court. Putting fire to Hanuman's tail and Hanuman burning Lanka are popular storylines.

Swamiji said later Hanuman returned with the ring of Seeta. Lord Rama is overwhelmed by the great service, humility and intelligence of Hanuman when He brings news of Seeta. Hugging Hanuman, Sri Rama exclaims, "O! Hanuman you have brought such pleasant great news of Seeta, you are equal to my dear brother Bharata." Tulasidas also has rendered this episode so beautifully which will make anybody devotionally emotional. Swamiji said that Sri Rama gave boon blessings to Hanuman telling that Hanuman will be popular as long as this creation will be there as Sankata Mochak (Remover of agonising troubles). By bringing in Seeta's news Hanuman had removed even Lord Rama's agonising troubles. Hanuman is worshipped as Sankat Mochak. May Sri Hanuman remove all the troubles of all the beings.

 The beautiful Hanuman idol consecrated by the great grace and blessings of Guru Maharaj Shri Swamiji is very cute and captivating. With so many trees planted by ashram, the place is like vatika, very beautiful and ideal with peaceful atmosphere for Meditation Sadhana.

Shri Guru Maharaj's blessings to all devotees.
With Love and blessings,
Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi. 29 June 2013


[After a beautiful chant of Sundarakhaand and Bhajan singing by a large gathering of devotees led by Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj, devotees were served blessed food prasadam.]



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