Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday celebrations in Dehra Dun

In Dehra Dun, Shri Shivabalayogi Ashram

28 August 2013, 9 pm to 12 Midnight

Shri Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 28 August 2013 in the Dhyana Mandir of Shri Shiva Balayogi Ashram, 180-C, Rajur Road, DEHRA DUN

In the holy presence of Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj.

9 pm to 12 Midnight Spritual programs of satsang, message, bhajans etc...
12 Midnight Arati, blessed prasad

All are welcome to come and receive Shri Guru Maharaj Shiva Balayogi's grace and blessings.


Sri Krishna

krishna-playing-flute-3Sri Krishna is one of the most popular figures who is considered as a Divine incarnation by the devout around the world, transcending all cultures, ages and times.

No need of any knowledge, wisdom etc. Just you fall in love for sake of love. Krishna is Divine. Thus, the name of Krishna has an impact all over the world.

For more inspiration and sadhana, Shri Swamiji used to tell, see Him as born like anybody else on this Earth in a human form. His parents had been jailed by a wicked king out of fear through a superstitious belief that the eighth child born to his sister would kill him. Seven of His siblings were killed as soon as they were born, by Kamsa, the wicked king. Though legend has it popularly that through a Divine illusion when all guards fell unconscious Krishna was transferred to Gokulam and a female baby was brought in who was yogamaya, Swamiji spoke to me differently. It was an amazing, loyal work of some faithful friends of Vasudeva, father of Krishna, that the child could be saved with careful, risk-filled work to transfer Him to Gokulam. Nandji had sacrificed his own female baby that was born to save Krishna.baba message gopala1

Shri Krishna was childish and naughty, also very wise and achieved mastery in all fields and knowledge. He was a psychological expert and great organizer with leadership abilities. He was a Self realized master at a very young age. He taught Bhaktimarga to Gopikas - music therapy for mind control and stress-free consciousness. He taught the society to respect the tools of the trade and utility. That was how He taught people to worship and take care of the cow which was so useful in many ways apart from giving milk, which was considered precious. He taught people to respect medicinal plants in the same way as one would worship The Divine. He taught the need to keep river water non-polluted.

After leaving Gokulam He could easily have killed Kamsa. Kamsa was half dead with fear that was created by Krishna with His super-human stories that were spread of His Divine play. Swamiji said Krishna Bhagavan was a great asset not only of one country but the whole world. After that Krishna relentlessly worked to bring peace to the sub-continent. Constantly He was on the move traveling throughout the continent to establish Peace and Justice, advocating people and rulers as well to uphold moral values apart from mind control. Camping on the outskirts of towns and kingdoms, He taught Arjuna about great spiritual truths of Mind and Consciousness - how one could keep the mind into the awareness of Atman, the real Self, through Dhyana, Bhakti and Karma.

Krishna taught people of the world how it was wrong to set one justice for themselves and another for others. He taught a recognition, reward and appreciation must come, based on talents, merit and certainly not on blood relations, gender, caste, creed, religion or status of wealth. Swamiji used to say that Krishna taught Dharma (Obligation) should not be defined based on selfish glory or convenience; it should be beneficial for a larger cause of peace and harmony to all, secure existence to all. Swamiji said Sri Krishna Bhagavan visualized that if the ruler of a country is both righteous and powerful, only then there is Peace and secure existence for all societies. If one is righteous and not powerful, other cunning, powerful people force such a ruler to behave wrongly with subjects. If the ruler is powerful but not righteous and considerate to subjects then also there is no peace and harmony in the country and world.


Prayers to The Divine Guru to bless devotees to be able to do sadhana and purify minds to live a righteous life of peace, harmony and consideration to each other with love and honor.

Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Shri Shivabalayogi

With love and blessings,


28 Aug 2013

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