At all times your mind shall remain peaceful

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    In the beginning a watchfulness is very important, we must overcome this analyzing effect. When you close the eyes and try to watch, a lot of thoughts, thousands and millions it could be, thoughts and visions could be coming. Sometimes it could be awful, sometimes it could be enjoyable, sometimes it could be frightening, sometimes it could be stressful totally. So when these things happen very often people give up the practice of meditation, they don't want to do it. Sometimes they come and tell us, "When I am awake and moving in the world it seems to be better, not that much stress, but when I close the eyes more stress happens, more thousands and more millions of thoughts come. Why does that happen?" That is because the mind gets stirred up. All the things that are sitting in the subconscious state as the acquired habits of that mind start getting evaporated, means cleansing process starts. The mind has to give up all such habits then only it can become aware of itself. So in this meditation one thing is that you are trying to make the mind give up all its imagination habits and become purified into the status of a pure consciousness and become quiet on its own.


    Also the mind is trying to watch itself when there is no object given; simply closing the eyes, concentrating in-between eyebrows and "Watch there." When that is told you don't have to imagine any object. There is not img 0480going to be any object. Simply you should not imagine anything. If it appears to be dark you don't imagine it as dark. Simply watch, then eventually the mind can recede and give up its imaginations and become quiet and quiet. In that silence, as you go on enjoying the amazing Supreme Peace, slowly your mind comes under your control, meaning even if you practice one hour every day, when you come out and you need to attend to your worldly duties at all times your mind shall remain peaceful and it won't absorb imprints. It may be a way of life that you would have adopted − you might need to go to work, you need to earn a livelihood, you might like to enjoy other ways, socializing, meeting friends, relatives, anything, so many could be there which sometimes you take up as a responsibility, as work, a recreation or whatever it is. When you do all these things you will come across so many types of situations, always the situation and circumstances will not be conducive and as expected by us. Sometimes it could be enjoyable, sometimes it could be stressful, it could be painful, wanted or unwanted, expected, unexpected.

"Take ten thorns and walk – expect troubles."

    So in life when we are walking we were always told, "Take ten thorns and walk – expect troubles." That is inevitable for every personality. But if you're practicing meditation under all circumstances and any situation your mind can remain peaceful, well-focused, and no confusion. You'll be able to attend to the things without getting confused or without losing your focus. That which will help you to achieve things in a more peaceful way, better way, you'll be able to sort out your problems. Because this mind is the powerhouse through which you live in this world. Once this mind is under your control then other things become quite easy. You gain that inner strength to face things. That's what this meditation can help you to achieve.

    In this as I told, you're trying to give the mind to become quiet on its own. Every other type of meditation that is taught is like a preliminary round exercise to practice concentration first and then abandon that practice to make the mind to go introverted. Mind needs to give up everything, thought of the 'I', wanting of anything, then only it can go introvert and become aware of itself. Like when you are watching the movie, apart from watching the movie you need to withdraw your consciousness back and you need to forget that you were watching the movie then your consciousness comes back to you and you become aware that you are simply sitting and watching the movie. Otherwise your consciousness would have been sucked into the movie making you to think you are one in that movie. Everything happening in that movie would appear so realistic, making you to go into such emotions of happiness, unhappiness, fear, everything. So these things you can overcome only when you become aware that you are simply sitting and watching. This is what one day you will be able to achieve.

    As I told, whether you want to go deeper, achieve Self Awareness or not, at least if you practice thirty minutes to one hour of meditation you can definitely achieve a better life in this world. You can be a genius. Any way of life that you would have adopted you'll be more successful because your focus will be in its best and you would never get confused under any circumstance. You'll be able attend, you'll be able to take proper decisions, proper judgments. Whatever the situation you will be at peace, composed.

img 0493    So these are the most elusive things for human beings, don't you think so? So that is why this meditation is recommended. We got this from our Master in this lineage. He taught us and He helped us to practice, He inspired. So during the sojourn that I had the fortune of serving Him at His Lotus Feet for twenty years, at that time apart from attending to so many other works of the Monastery, Ashram, we used to practice seven to eight hours of meditation and then after He dropped His physical body, attained Mahasamadhi, He appeared in a vision and helped me to do five years of continuous Tapas. At that time seventeen to eighteen hours of meditation that we could do, that was how one could achieve that Self Awareness, 'being there'.

    So everything is possible. You can keep it to just one hour and live in this world. There is no need that you need to go for Self Realization at one time. Any way of life you can lead, that's how my Master in a very unique way He taught. You can be a house-holder, or you can be anything that you want. So nothing will be disturbing for you when you practice this meditation. He also said, "Time is so precious you all know, you have twenty-four hours, you need to take just one hour, other twenty-three hours are there for you to earn your livelihood and so many other things you do." So that is how He always taught, "First try to become a better human being, a perfect human being, becoming gods and goddesses can come later, that we can think later. That is afterwards." So this is what we need to practice and achieve.

"You simply need to watch silently."

    This is a very simple method not a religious doctrine. He always said, "All religions are equal and honorable." Any human being can undertake this practice. There is no such groupism, "Only this group can do, only this person can do." No such qualities were ever prescribed. All you need to have is interest, yearning and understanding and do this meditation. If you have the practice of doing any other type of meditation you can do it either before or after. During this meditation you simply need to watch silently.



London - 19 October 2013

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