Adivarapupeta is the most beautiful and fortunate

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Adivarapupeta is the most beautiful and fortunate place. Shri Guru Maharaj came in the physical form and was born in Adivarapupeta. It was in this village that Shri Swamiji spent His childhood trying to develop family status successfully. He did it by hard work, honesty, courage and determination.

He was against discrimination based on caste, creed, religion etc.. He was against injustice. He fought, argued for justice. Self respect was more important than comforts. Instead of going to rich relatives home, once, when He needed to spend that night in the town He preferred sleeping on a bench outside. If priests discriminated based on caste, He rejected going to the main sanctum sanctorum and instead would think, if God is everywhere why cannot we find Him under the tree? Thus He would go and pray under the banyan tree in the temple complex.

Facing any challenge was like eating sweets for Him. He would think now this challenge has come and no need to be afraid, to live or not to live is all same. But I will not go down with out a fight.

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He was ordained to go into Tapas by The Divine Jangama Devar. Swamiji used to say, Bhagavan came and made me to sit for Tapas but afterwards He grinded me into chutney to test. Fully determined and facing all challenges from nature, creatures and humans, He went on to become successful in Tapas. What He achieved and what He was? Only He knew. It is not a thing that others can understand. Not easy at least. He never claimed anything, He never showed any powers. Yet, devotees around the world with total faith and devotion have experienced His grace, powers, kindness, love and care. These things are beyond anytime, anyplace. Devotees' experiences continue....

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He taught meditation technique that Bahagavan Shankara gave Him. He continues to teach. He taught, blessed devotees in so many ways, suitable to different temperments. He is like a vast ocean, unlimited space.

As He assumed a physical body in Adivarapupeta, He dropped the same physical body in Adivarapupeta. He is inspiring devotees all over to build a temple where devotees could sit and do sadhana. He has promised, as He is everywhere, He is present in Adivarapupeta in a very special way. Adivarapupeta is special, most beautiful and fortunate.

Jai Shivabalayogi. At His lotus feet.
With love and blessings,

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