Can you say what this completeness and calmness and stillness is like in your own words?



A few clues can be given though it's an inexplicable experience because there is no relative existence. However, just now your mind is preoccupied with its own imaginations. Constantly it picturizes, it dramatizes, it keeps thinking, so many objects, stories, thoughts, processes, visual effects. So slowly the watching process is taught, means 100% when you are gazing or watching then you are unable to think. Then your mind recedes and becomes composed, becomes quiet and silent, giving up all such imaginations. This meditation is a purifying process. All the acquired habits of the mind, we call it, which is in the subconscious state, where it keeps triggering such thought processes and visions. So when you are watching it all gets evaporated but due to brain's nature it gets decodified as a thought or a vision, like that it appears. Watching that, if you do not analyze – just watch – then the thought evaporates, cleanses, then finally what remains is the Pure Consciousness that is in total silence, and that is the Supreme Peace. 

As I told, mind is consciousness and energy. Just like, if you are all here, physically you are sitting sometimes mind is likely to jump and run away, like as a monkey. In spiritual language we call it symbolically but if you apply it here 100% then you will be able to follow what I am trying to convey, the message. So that is the consciousness effect. 

When this consciousness becomes quiet it goes introverted, means you are not destroying the mind, it will be there. It will be now the Pure Consciousness and eventually you realize you as 'That' and finally when it merges with the Self, that is when in the deep Samadhi called Nirvikalpa Samadhi a Yogi experiences that oneness, consciousness expands. 

Another clue for this oneness is, how consciousness expands, like you live in Newark. If somebody asks you where are you from you might tell them your house number or street name, but when you go out of Newark, you will tell, “I am from Newark.” If you go out of Newark State you will tell, “I am from Newark State.” If you go out of the country you will tell, “I am from America.” Like that, from a small house your consciousness, you belong to the entire country, like that it expands. One time if you get a chance to go out of planet Earth to some other planet [laughter] if you meet somebody there they will tell, “I am also from planet Earth.” If there is another Earthly person there, “Oh, I am also from planet Earth.” You feel excited like that oneness, “I'm also from Earth, you are also from Earth, it is home for all of us.” 

One day you will realize you belong to this space. That's how you understand the 'oneness'. Consciousness expands. 




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