Watching and silence

    Question: Why is watching the most powerful technology for dissolving thoughts and visions if they occur? It’s quite different from saying get out thoughts, go away visions. It’s very subtle the understanding of why watching is the most powerful.


    Babaji: It’s because watching really happens in silence. When the mind is thinking it cannot watch one hundred percent. Watching is like paying attention, observing, looking. You are just paying attention, you’re not doing anything else, then the mind becomes silent. When the mind is silent it becomes concentrated. If it is thinking, visualizing, analyzing, making judgements these are all tendencies of the mind, it cannot keep quiet. It analyzes, it makes a judgement, it wants to know through its own judgements that this is good, this is bad, or this is a wrong thing, this is tamasic, this is rajasic. The mind identifies everything based on its own criteria of imaginations. To get rid of these things there is silent watching. If you achieve one hundred percent watching then your mind cannot think of anything, neither good nor bad. That’s when it rises above the universal level of illusion, it becomes one with the Divine finally and the mind becomes totally concentrated. That’s why this technique is the highest affective technique.


    Question: Is getting peace the main object of life?

    Babaji: Yes, every human being knowingly or unknowingly is looking for that peace and happiness only. If they don’t get peace or happiness then they don’t want to do it. They go to a place of worship or anywhere else, try to achieve anything in life, everything is for looking for peace, mind is looking for the same peace and happiness that it had enjoyed by remaining in the Self. That is why the mind never stops. You give it this today then tomorrow it will ask for something else. You give it a bicycle then it will ask for a motorcycle, then you give it a motorcycle and it will ask for a car. You give it a car, then it will ask for a helicopter, you give it a helicopter then it will ask for a plane. Like that the mind keeps jumping, it never stops at one place, it is looking for the same peace and happiness. To achieve that is the primary goal of everyone, simply they don’t know the method or path. One might imagine my happiness is in the ice cream so he looks for only ice cream.

    When you pray to God also, if you imagine that happiness is in a million dollars then if God comes you will ask for a million dollars. God will say, ‘I will give you all happiness.’  ‘No, no, no you please give me a million dollars,’  because that is our imagination of happiness. So that is when we end up losing happiness. Finally, we are the real source of happiness. When we are contented that is the real source of happiness. Otherwise this contentedness is the most elusive thing to achieve in this world. That’s why this practice of spirituality is recommended so you can achieve the Supreme Peace, means once for all.

    Like, as a child I used to think if there is happiness it must be there all twelve months and twenty four hours, no fluctuation. Sometimes it seems to be agonising, sometimes it seems to be exciting. What is wrong in me? Or is something wrong in this world?

    That is what one needs to ponder and contemplate and why going for this spiritual truth is recommended.

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