The Jangama Meditation Technique - watching

The Jangama Meditation Technique - watching

Question:    One thing I heard you say was when you watch in meditation, whatever you see you use as an anchor because in this meditation there's not really an anchor, you're just watching. Can you explain again what you see as the anchor, please?

Babaji:    In fact in this technique, you are trying to bring the mind under control on its own without any external anchor. However when you close the eyes when those thoughts or visions come you just watch them because the mind has a tendency to instantly recognize a thought or a vision and analyze and make a judgment like, "This is good, this is bad, why is this happening?" For that only I just mentioned if any vision or thought comes just watch it, consider it like an anchor and just watch that without analyzing, then those thoughts and visions also disappear. Then the mind will be able to become aware of itself eventually.

Same questioner:    I noticed that it's such a subtle process. It just seems like the mind gets excited and wants to imagine or see what's there and imagine more of what's going on. Is it that subtle process of trying to just keep watching and catching yourself?

Babaji:    Yes, a very subtle thing that's what the ancient sages also understood as they studied it like scientists. It means the mind, whenever it watches something, it wants to analyze and make a judgment - determine, "OK this is it." But they all understood, the mind can never give the truth as it is because whatever the mind tells, it is based on its own imagination. So that is why in this meditation it is recommended to avoid this analyzation. Do not try to determine. Like a foe might appear as a friend, a friend might appear as a foe depending on the mental attitude of a person and also as it is said, one man's food is another man's poison. A certain thing could be very dear to somebody but need not be for another person. That is the reason you keep it quiet in this meditation then the mind recedes and becomes controlled. Eventually it goes introvert, it will make you aware of your real Self and the mind becomes aware of itself. It achieves a peace and you becomes the master of that mind. You are able to restrain and understand the fact and exercise thinking only when you need. Otherwise, still, you can remain relaxed and at peace. These are some of the basic points.

Question:    Baba, when I'm meditation I have a passive intent of just letting the thoughts come? Or do I want to have a more regimented point of focus to keep the thoughts from coming?

Babaji:    Just allow the thoughts to come because by thinking or planning you might not be able to stop the thoughts coming. When they come you just watch, when they come you keep quiet mentally then they will disappear on their own.

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