Thus Spake Babaji: Watching and individuality

Thus Spake Babaji: Watching and individuality

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    Question:   Babaji , You said that watching and abiding in the Self are the same thing. When we watch, we watch as the individual identity so when we abide in the Self is there still an individual identity?

    Babaji:   No individual identity will be left anymore. Why I just told 'yes, it is the same', when really one is able to watch then that 'I' is not there, 'I' watching is also not there actually. Just like when you would have jumped into the ocean, you have jumped. No thought of 'I am going to jump' will be there. So, like when you are actually able to watch everything vanishes, 'I am watching' vanishes, it wouldn't be there. It is only abiding in the Self, it happens when you are actually watching. So that is how they both are the same actually. If you are really watching, you are not there.

    Same questioner:   So then it's not watching.

    Babaji:   That would have come to an end. [laughter]. Yes, that is how it happens.

    Question:   It seems like energy is the watching and consciousness is the silence and that they both coexist even though there is the oneness without duality?

    Babaji:   They are not separate entities that coexist, they are one and the same. Simply the same thing is consciousness and the same thing is energetic. That is what it is actually. Just to explain, sometimes these terminologies are said in that way.

    Same questioner:   So it is possible when going to sleep for the mind to split off from the brain?

    Babaji:   It's quite possible that an experience like that is happening, but actually it doesn't happen in that way. You are not a separate entity, you are one in the space, you don't have to be coming out of the body, looking into the body. So on the path some hallucinations get created. Actually when the mind is becoming quieter and quieter at that time such an experience is likely to happen. You don't have to get frightened. You have to continue with the meditation to overcome that effect finally so that it settles down, peacefully, composed. You are neither inside the body or outside the body, you are inside and outside, everywhere.

    Same questioner:   So it's almost like I'm just switching perspectives?

    Babaji:   Yes, within, that's what happens. Sometimes you would experience as if the body is within you, sometimes you would experience you are separate within the body. So that type of experience keeps happening until the mind totally, once for all, gets delinked and doesn't go into a Samadhi experience. 

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