Thus Spake Babaji: Effort and Acceptance

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    Question:    Babaji, Jesus said 'I speak no word and I do no act until what my Father commands.' Will that state only happen after Nirvikalpa Samadhi or can it happen before?

    Babaji:    That happens after Nirvikalpa Samadhi. You become a Yogi and you dwell in that truth. That 'I'-ness is gone. But just for the sake of telling the students and the devotees, He used that language. There was neither He nor the Father. But just to tell in the manner of this world, just like I talk, 'it's my Master who did it, it's my Master's Grace. It's my Master who gives the answer,' I talk like that . That's also how Jesus mentioned. So that happens after Self Realization.

    Question:    I have heard you say everything is an illusion. God, Bramhan, the Divine is what's real. There is Divinity in everyone of us, in the flowers. It seems Divinity is expressing Itself throught a variety of forms of life. Although everything is an illusion, if God is in everything, then isn't the world real then?

    Babaji:    The world could be real, but what you imagine about the world is not real. So as long as you hold onto this thought, 'God is flower' then God appears as a flower. You are holding onto that one, so that's why that appearance is also there. Once you give up that thought then that also disappears. It is all transitory, so nothing is permanent. Everything, the entire universe is impermanent. It is not going to be in that form all the time. But God's form as the origin must be different, which doesn't change, which has not come into existence. All these things have come into existence. Though it is God Itself, but it has come into existence and that is why it will go back to it's origin of existence. That is why this world is called unreal and illusion. So that you don't hold onto this form all the time. If you hold onto this form only then once this form vanishes you would be unhappy. You will lose your peace and start wondering, 'where did God go?' So all these things occur, one after another. If you give up, you become aware of that form of God which is unchangeable, which has never come into existence, which always was there. That is the recommened goal to be achieved. While on this path it is agreed that everything is God only. Then there is no devotee at all. That is why it is said meditation is advised so you can go to the origin of the Divinity. From where this all emerged.

    Question:    So Babaji, in summary, the only thing that's really real is impermanent, unchanged. Anything then that comes into existence will pass out of existence so it has no real existence?

    Babaji:    Exsitence value.

    Question:    So though they may be illusion, that's not to imply therefore since the flower is an illusion I can go ahead and trash it.

    Babaji:    No, the action through which you are thinking is also an illusion. So that's why there is no point, you don't have to smash it, or you don't have to burn the world. It will disappear in its own way. If you burn it, it will become some other form. Because this body also is an illusion, part of the illusion. It is inside the dream only. So the action and reaction will be equal and opposite through those things. You don't have to act upon to destroy because nothing has appeared at all. You have not made anything appear. So you don't have to do that . It will go in it's own way, naturally it will get withdrawn.

    Same questioner:    How do we deal with the pain of seeing others destroy, pollute water?

    Babaji:    So finally you have to overcome the effect of your own self as an imagined self. Once that effect is overcome, then all this pain, everything recedes and finishes. Until then it will be there. You are imagining about yourself and you are imagining that those things belong to you, you want them. So that is when the pain is going to be there. Once these effects are overcome, only then the pain will be overcome. As long as I think 'I own this one, this is mine,' there is always a threat of insecurity that somebody might smash this, somebody might rob this, somebody might take away. So that 'I' and 'mine' also has to go, then all this pain vanishes.

    Same questioner:    How do I accept if it is the last tree on earth, should I defend it?

    Babaji:    Yes, in this world you put in an effort, whatever you want to do. If you want to defend you put in an effort. Because putting in an effort to defend is also an illusion, that tree is also an illusion, so you don't have to worry 'should I defend or not to defend?' You defend that one, so that's no problem. In spite of you trying to defend it, if it is unable to be defended, it goes, then you have to accept. That is what is needed. So you have to put in an effort, whichever you think because that is also illusion. There is no restriction that you don't have to defend at all, you have to be watching, that is not the thing, you can defend. In spite of that if it gets destroyed, then you have to accept it. Anything that is beyond your capacity, you accept.


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