Practice mediation and you will get the ultimate riches and rewards

Perth May 5 2004

Babaji attended a special program at the family home of devotees on May 5 which was attended by an enthusiastic group who had been looking forward to being with Babaji over the past several months. The spacious setting near the Indian Ocean made the perfect venue for the festivities.

Babaji was received with the traditional aarati and took His place on a specially decorated dais. A Pada Puja was performed by many devotees eager
to honor Babaji in this way. Baba then spoke to us about His Mission and the importance of meditation.

Stressing the need for meditation to control the mind, Babaji pointed out the many different manifestations of the mind, out of control in today's
world, like violence and war. Humanity generally complains about the lack of peace but doesn't do the practices necessary to attain it. Meditation is
the means to achieve peace and the strongest remedy there is for all the troubles arising out of the imagination. All other practices are preliminary. Meditation means "attention to". If you can learn meditation you can apply the mind properly. The mind gradually learns to keep quiet. This is the critical point. For the mind to learn to keep itself quiet we need to penetrate through to the inner layers of the mind itself, by meditating.

Soothing music can assist the mind to become quiet. Peaceful songs and a gentle rhythm can all help too. It has long been the tradition in India and
elsewhere for mothers to sing their children to sleep with a lullaby. The effect of music should be non-violent.

"My Guru never gave long lectures. Many people used to bring all their worldly problems with them and wanted worldly things from Him only. I
always asked myself what He had come to give. Practice mediation and you will get the ultimate riches and rewards!"

We then meditated for some time which seemed to pass very quickly. We had expected to meditate for 15 minutes given the large number of newcomers in the group, but it actually turned out to be much longer! Babaji had made His point - we should not complain that we can't do the meditation He asks of us because we had in fact just done it!

Before the bhajans, Baba requested a special recital of a devotional song by the daughter of the host family, who happened to be a classically
trained soprano. We were treated to the heavenly tones of Laudate Dominum (praise the Lord), with music composed by Mozart to a traditional Latin
Vesper prayer.

After the bhajan singing by the group, Baba thrilled us with His singing of Yogeesha Sharanam, with Baba composing new lines extemporaneously as He
sang. This was followed by Baba's sweet singing of the beautiful Rama aarati and the Shri Ram mantra. After aarati was offered to Babaji, we enjoyed a feast of prasad in the joyous atmosphere created by Baba's presence.

Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj ki Jai! Shri Shivarudrabalayogi Maharaj ki Jai!

Copyright SRBY 2004. All rights reserved.

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