South India Tour, August 2016 - Photos

Here are a selection of photos of Shri Babaji's South India tour.

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Shri Babaji worshipping His Guru Shivabalayogi idol and Shivalinga.

Ipoh, Malaysia

Devotees performing worship on the occasion of Tapaspurti in Ipoh centre in Malaysia.

Bengaluru Ashram

Bengaluru Ashram installation of sacred piller in front of Hanuman temple.

Gurudev Shivabalayogi's Puja

Shri Babaji in Gurudev Shivabalayogi's Puja room to seek blessings for the occasion and Homa.

Procession after taking blessings

Return procession after taking blessings of Adi Guru Swamiji and Lord Shiva.

And return procession after taking Guru's blessings for Homa.

Taking Guru's blessings

Tributes to Guru Maharaj.

Paying tributes to Guru Maharaj. State ministers, corporation members,and the City Mayer came to pay respects to Babaji who had presided as Chairman. The Working chairman D Rambabu welcomed the distinguished gathering.

Naming of "Shivabalayogi Ashram Road"

Trustees welcoming Shri Babaji at the opening ceremony of the naming of the Ashram road. Babaji then proceeded by opening the curtain, on the naming of approach road as "Shivabalayogi Ashram Road".


After the naming of "Shivabalayogi Ashram Road" a Homa was held.


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