A Blissful evening with Shri Babaji at a Cave on the hillock - Devarayasamudra

21st August 2016

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After a tiring day of programs on the 20th of August, we had a day of leisure to relax on 21st. On this morning of 21st after reciting the Hanuman Chalisa and offering His prostrations to the Divine Guru Shri Swamiji, His Holiness Shri Babaji was sitting still with the Aura glowing on His face, with a few devotees and His boys surrounding Him.

While the Spiritual and the casual talks were going on after the breakfast, Shri Babaji remembered that there is a cave on top of the hillock where a Monk stayed in around 1950s – 60s and did some sadhana. He was an Avadhuta (Tapaswin). During His early teens Shri Babaji had visited that Monk with His Mother, uncle and few other relatives.

Saying these things to all of us who were sitting around, Shri Babaji told that we shall climb up the hillock and go to the cave on the same evening at around 4pm. After lunch, we rested for a while and by 3:45pm we all were ready for Babaji' s next command. At 4:00pm sharp, Shri Babaji set us all to go from the house towards the starting point to climb the hillock. By then Shri Babaji's nephew had spoken to one of the village locals and had brought him to guide us the way towards the cave.

At around 4:15pm, Shri Babaji, His group of boys and the village local set about climbing the hillock to reach the destination. When a couple of us were perturbed by seeing the steep hill and murmuring between us whether we can do it or not, Shri Babaji in His staunch voice said, “Do not think about the Destination. Fear not while I am with you all. Keep going and crumple the rock of uncertainty.” This induced enormous Faith in all of us and gave tremendous strength.

With all the things (some eatables and water) in the hand, two of them started moving further following the village local. While two of us were constantly holding Shri Babaji and the other one was backing up with an umbrella to give shade and cut down the pricking heat for Babaji.

Every step though was little by little and very staunch to make sure that the rock won't let us slip. Like this while we were climbing there were some weeds, thorny bushes and sharp stones on the path. Giving a glance at these Shri Babaji said, “Whatever comes on the path, be staunch and firm in every step, so that they can't stop you.” Such a wonderful teaching it was. This was not only for us to make us keep going but for all of us to understand that, “Even if Life throws a lot of things at us, we need to be very staunch and firm, so that it can be utilized to our best for progress.”

When we had already climbed around a quarter of the way up the hillock, we stopped for a while to rest and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Though it was quite a distance from the foothills, the hillock being steep, it looked like we had climbed a long distance. From that view-point the village, paddy fields and the landscaping looked like some farmer of Divine will had ploughed the entire area to make it so beautiful. It was surrounded by greenery and the ploughed lands.

We stopped by for around 10 minutes, had some water to wet the dried tongue and started again to continue on our trek. As we went further, the steepness was increasing and there were more thorny bushes. By then it was 4:45pm. The village local was saying that the area is a dwelling place for some poisonous cobras and often visited by leopards! Hearing this we all were very conscious in every step of ours while Shri Babaji walked very casually without even a single trace of fear on His face. Looking at this, when one of us asked as to how He could be so calm, Shri Babaji said, “It is in your minds that the venom of these snakes, which in fact you have not seen, is harming you. Such a wild imagination. I have not imagined and hence I am fearless. In reality it is not this venom that would harm you. But it is the venom of this worldly desire and imagination which has sunk in your minds deeply that would harm you. Make a constant effort to remove that ignorance and you are ever blissful.” Even the high potential lightning carrying the kinetic energy of the universe is not as powerful in front of these wise words coming out of the Yogi's mouth.

While we were immersed in the thoughts after hearing these words of wisdom and walking further, we had reached the cave where the Tapaswin used to stay. As the local mentioned, overall there were four parts in the cave where in one of those parts, the Monk used to do His sadhana. In the other part, He used to do His cooking, while the third part to give some rest to His body and the fourth for His daily needs. Babaji even said that the Monk set up this cave in such a way with the help of the local villagers who were very supportive. They carried huge stones up the hillock to get a platform placed for doing his sadhana. They also helped Him to set up a small garden in front of the cave.

Shri Babaji visited each part of the cave while we all followed Him. Babaji was recalling His visit during His teenage to the place with His Mother and uncle. He was saying that the Tapaswin had planted some flowering plants, vegetables and maintained a beautiful garden in front of His cave when Babaji visited. But now the place is deserted and surrounded by weeds. Shri Babaji also remembered that there was a small well and a kind of tank where the rain water used to get accumulated while dripping down the hill. Even the local did not know about this while Shri Babaji took us there.

Besides the tank there was a flat surface which had some shade, as the big rock covered and cut the Sun's rays. The boys quickly set a small cloth for Shri Babaji to rest for a while. We all looked a bit tired bodily but the Mind was very excited. It was a lifetime experience to go to that cave with our Divine Guru. Then Shri Babaji was teasing us and told that if in case the world is troubling you more, you can come here relax for a while and go back to continue with your duties. Even then Shri Babaji emphasized on performing the duties without fail and dutifully.

Dusk had begun, the sun was shying away and the moon was ascending. The breeze was beautiful, filled with purity – devoid of pollution. It was around 5:55pm in the evening.

Then Shri Babaji said we shall start descending so that we can reach the foothills before it is completely dark. We quickly cleaned up the place, packed the things and the same troop started descending. Given that all our hearts were filled with inexplicable happiness and even though the descent was steep, we could not feel it. On reaching the ground, while we all were very happy about the trek, Shri Babaji turned around, saw the top of the hill and smilingly said,
“This too shall pass.”

Such a wonderful evening and a significant one. Finally Shri Babaji indicated that everything shall come to pass. We just need to witness the situation and act accordingly without bothering mentally. Whether it is the happiness or challenges, both are the passing clouds.

May my Divine Guru Shri Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj bless us all.


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