Shri Babaji's visit to Gangapura (A Hamlet in Karnataka)

     Knowing that Shri Babaji had come to Devarayasamudram, the native village, some devotees from Gangapura (a hamlet belonging to Ashtagrama in Karnataka, South India) were so keen to invite Babaji to visit and bless the village. Gangapura is a small village near Kolar about twenty miles from the city. There are about sixty or seventy families residing there making an overall population of one hundred and fifty to two hundred people in total. The village has two beautiful temples, one of them is of Mother Goddess's and the other is of Lord Vishnu. With the revered invitation from the devotees, Shri Babaji visited and blessed the place on 28th of August 2016.

Welcoming Shri Babaji in Gangapura

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    The villagers had made all the arrangements to receive the Great Yogi with all reverence. On 28th, at around 8:30 am, we started from Devarayasamudram and reached Gangapura by 9:10 am. All the villagers were very eagerly waiting to receive Shri Babaji at the village entrance with Sacred Kumbham and auspicious musical instruments. As soon as Shri Babaji got down at the place some of the village elders garlanded Babaji, washed His Lotus Feet and did Aarati with all love and devotion. Each one had that gleam on their face seeing 'His Holiness' with all the aura filled in His beautiful shining absorbed Eyes, which would attract even the most distant person in the crowd.

Abhishekam at Mother Goddess's and Vishnu temples

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    Shri Babaji was then taken to Mother Goddess's temple to perform Abhishekam. It was such a blessed event and all the villagers were overwhelmed to see Shri Babaji perform the Abhishekam. Once it was done Shri Babaji was then invited to Lord Vishnu's temple to perform Abhishekam there as well. Then Shri Babaji was invited to sit on a dais in the Vishnu temple where the crowd had gathered to hear the Words of Wisdom from a Great Yogi's mouth. With the program about to begin one of the disciples of Shri Babaji gave a brief introduction about His Holiness's life, service to His Guru and His Mission, to the crowd gathered there. Then Shri Babaji conveyed a blessings message, the spiritual essence based on His Tapas experience and spoke about Shri Swamiji and the way He taught Babaji, for about thirty minutes.

Maha Mangala Arati

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    When Shri Babaji started to recite a mantra before His speech, everyone could sense that Divine environment filled with pin-drop silence in spite of a big gathering, with all ears widely open to hear a Great Yogi talk. Shri Babaji then spoke about His Guru Shri Swamiji, about the mind, Sadhana and Tapas which led to Self Realization. Shri Babaji emphasized on doing Sadhana regularly to become aware of the real existence.

    After Shri Babaji's talk, a few devotees sang some bhajans which induced more love and devotion in the hearts of people who were present there. When the bhajans came to an end the villagers lined up to take Shri Babaji's Darshan in the temple. Shri Babaji stayed in the same place until the last person could have Darshan. Later Shri Babaji was taken to the Mother Goddess's temple to perform Mangalarathi. Here the priest garlanded Shri Babaji and offered the Mahaprasadam kept to Goddess. Then His Holiness was taken to perform Mangalarathi in the Vishnu temple and the priests here also garlanded Shri Babaji and offered the Mahaprasadam kept to Lord Vishnu.

    While all these things happened, when one of the boys asked Babaji to get an understanding as to what is the essence of performing these rites, Shri Babaji said that, “Though the Divine is all-pervading and the oneness is experienced everywhere, it is required that these spiritual rites are performed to induce faith and devotion in the hearts of people which will bring them on the path of spirituality and experience that oneness.” Such a beautiful teaching.

    Later, as Shri Swamiji and Shri Babaji always liked the most, a mass feeding was arranged for all the people gathered there. Shri Babaji blessed the food which became the Mahaprasadam. All of us were blessed to have the Mahaprasadam and around 2:00 pm in the afternoon Shri Babaji conveyed His Love and Blessings to all the people gathered there and left to Devarayasamudram. All the devotees who were there, even though they were sad to see Babaji leave, offered their deepest prostrations to His Holiness and followed Him until the entrance of the village to bid Him adieu. They also requested Shri Babaji to visit the village every year and sanctify the place when His Holiness comes to Devarayasamudram.

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