Shri Babaji's Birthday Celebration, 2016 - Photos

A large crowd gathered in Dehradun from all parts of India and many countries of the world to celebrate the 62nd birthday of India's living Yogi, Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj.

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Abhishekam & Pada Pooja

The events started on the 19th with an Abhishekam in the morning whereby Babaji honored Swamiji's statue and other Divine images at the entrance to the Ashram building and then sang bhajans to all those privileged to be present in the bright morning sunshine. Devotees then moved upstairs to pay honor to Babaji with a Padapuja and a fine speech by Shri Ram Baba, the Working Chairman of the Shivabalayogi Trust in respect of Babaji. The many years of selfless service to His Guru and tireless travels around India and many countries of the world spreading Swamiji's Mission and teachings were recognized and honored. New generations are learning of Swamiji and His teachings through Babaji as Swamiji's Mission continues to progress. The day ended with a bandhara (mass feeding) in the Ashram grounds, amongst the trees Swamiji cherished.

Homa and start of main celebrations on the day

A meditation commenced the birthday on the 20th as everyone sat still and silent in the Meditation Hall, the serene atmosphere helping to create a blessed sense of peace and tranquillity at the start of this great day. This was followed with a homa ceremony downstairs, the melodic ritual chanting drawing everyone's attention and ending the morning's varied activities.

Launch of Nirvana Pushpam & Vibhuti Sundaram CDs

To celebrate Babaji's birthday two new collections of devotional songs sung by Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi were launched. These long-awaited collections delighted everyone around the world as they became available worldwide for download.

Evening celebrations

The main event was held that evening in the Ashram grounds when even larger crowds gathered and sang many bhajans. Babaji's monastic disciple, Maa Ambaji organized, compered and led the many events, ensuring it's smooth running as honoured guests enjoyed the beautiful singing by the many participants representing many different places, languages and generations, yet all coming together as one in this celebration.

Haridwar to the Holy Ganga

The following day everyone travelled to Haridwar to the Holy Ganga to be immersed in the sacred waters at Babaji's hands. Afterwards everyone gathered on the River bank and more bhajans were enjoyed in such an idyllic setting. As the Ganga flowed by in the sunshine devotees were then able to enjoy a meal that had been carefully cooked, packed and carried there, thanks to many hours hard work from early morning. All present appreciated the hard work of Maa Ambaji and her team in ensuring yet another special event for all to enjoy. Finally the party had to pack and leave, returning to the Ashram and from there back to their homes spread throughout India and the globe, but carrying with them many happy memories of the events, the harmony of the bhajans and chants and the beauty of the sacred rituals as Swamiji's Mission grows and develops ever further, ever stronger.

Worldwide celebrations

Celebrations of Babaji's brithday were conducted around the world - Perth, Bali, Malaysia Ipoh, Singapore, and London.



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