Shri Babaji's Birthday Celebration - Photos

The 64th birthday of our Beloved Babaji was celebrated with love, peace and harmony.

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The two days of beautiful programmes of Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj was celebrated by people gathered in the Dehradun Ashram from all over the world. Devotees from Malaysia, Australia, Canada and Singapore and all over India were in Dehradun to be part of the divine commemoration of the auspicious occasion of Baba’s 64th birthday.

On the morning of the 19th September, homa and bhajans were conducted by Malaysian devotees following by mass feeding. In the evening, devotees took blessings by performing pada puja to their Beloved Master, followed by mangalaarathi and dinner prasad.

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On the early morning of 20th September, the day began with the chantings of Vedic shlokas. The devotees chanted along with Babaji shlokas of the Guru Gita and ‘Lokah Samastah’ for world peace. This chanting led into the beautiful pujas with the morning aarathi.

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The Ashram invited Government Primary and Upper Primary School, Malsi, Dehradun, to celebrate the occasion with all the Ashram devotees. Along with the Principal of the school, all teachers with Bhojan Matas came. At 11 o’clock, Baba distributed sweaters to hundreds of underprivileged school children, along with a box of sweets and cake muffins which was followed by lunch prasad served to all devotees, teachers, school children, Bhojan Matas and school staff. Baba gave a message to the children to be a worthy human being by considering each other, giving love and care and to live a life for the larger cause with selfless service.

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The day culminated with a grand celebration the evening attended by thousands of devotees coming to take Baba’s Darshan. Baba gave a message for social service, social welfare and always considering the larger cause, which makes a human life worthy. Greed and ego can be the biggest human enemies, and can degrade the mind and its thinking process which leads to the suffering. Baba said live for each other, not against each other. Baba offered His tributes to His Guru’s Lotus Feet in singing a beautiful Guru song. Dignitaries of Dehradun were present to grace the occasion including Mr Ajay Bhatt, present BJP President of Uttarakhand State; Shri Sunil Uniyal Gamaji, BJP State Secretary, Uttarakhand; Raja Manvendra Singh, MLA Madhyapradesh; Mr Rakesh Chugh, Mr Bhupat Bisht, Shri Udai Prakash of Sirmore, Renu D. Singh of Samadhan, Chandhan Jha, Lalan Singh, Alok Sinha, Rahul Rawat, Ankit Sharma, Pandit Uday Shankar Bhatt, and Vishal Kukreti.

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At last the evening came to a climax with prayers sung by all devotees together to offer their regards and devotion at Baba’s Feet. This was followed by mangalaarathi and dinner prasad. Baba distributed boxes of sweets and cake muffins to all children of all ages, big, small, young and old. Ashram conveyed their thanks and gratitude to all people present and all the support which came from different directions.

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