Shri Babaji's Birthday Celebrations 2009

On the 20th of September 2009, Shri Babaji's 55th birthday was celebrated by devotees worldwide. In the Dehradun Ashram, Baba Maharaj Himself started off the day's programs by lovingly performing worship at the Ashram temple to His beloved Master's statue, the Shri Ganesh idol, the Daknishnamurti statue and the two Shivalingams. Afterwards a homam (fire ceremony) was conducted in His Holiness' presence.  At the end of the homam the purnahuti (final offering) was offered by Babaji.  Then devotees finished the morning programs with bhajans and Aarati. Prasadam was distributed to all and a mass feeding was conducted.

Many devotees spent the auspicious day meditating all around the Ashram grounds. In the evening the program commenced with bhajans and pada puja where devotees had the opportunity to offer their respects to Babaji. The beautiful bhajans continued until Babaji gave His message to the large crowd gathered. He spoke about the need to do sadhana and Realize the Self. Aarati was performed before Darshan and the night ended with everyone partaking of the prasadam.  The next day, a trip was organized to Haridwar for prayers and a bath in the Holy river Ganges. All the devotees who made the trip enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Below is a selection of the photos taken on that special day. Please click on the icons to view the images in their full size.

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