Shri Babaji's Visit To Assam, November 2009

Annually, in winters, Shri Babaji is invited to visit Assam by a couple who are Shri Swamiji's old devotees. The gentleman is the senior manager of the Harcurah tea estate belonging to the famous Williamson Magor group, the world's largest producer of tea. Beautiful programs are organized in honor of Shri Swamiji and His beloved disciple Babaji. In the mornings meditation classes take place and in the evening Bhajans and Darshan. These programs bring joy to hundreds of poorer workers of the nearby tea estates and also their managers, as they get the golden opportunity of receiving the Blessings of a Realized Master.

In between the programs, a visit to the Kaziranga national park, a world heritage site, had also been organized. This year Babaji also visited the nearby Dhulie tea estate for a program. The Senior Manager of that tea estate has also become an ardent devotee of Shri Babaji's, having had His Darshan in the last few visits. It was his wish that Babaji Bless the people of that area through His holy Presence. Overall, the tour was a wonderful success!


Below are a selection of photos taken during the tour. Please click on the icons to see the images in full size.

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