Singapore, Malaysia and Bali - December 2009 Tour

Shri Babaji's South East Asian December 2009 tour started off with visits to Singapore and Malaysia where public programs and retreats had been organised. The tour continued in the beautiful island of Bali where meditation programs, homas and other events were conducted.

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In Singapore, He stayed for a couple of days and satsangs had been organized at the host's home in the evening. Meditation was followed by question and answer sessions and bhajans.


Kuala Lumpur

In Malaysia Shri Babaji was warmly welcomed by his hosts and other devotees to the city of Kuala Lumpur. The first program took place at the famous Batu Caves temple. It was a 280 step climb up to the main temple where Shri Babaji paid His respects to the presiding Diety, Lord Kartikeya. Afterwards Shri Babaji was escorted to the hall where He paid His respects to Shri Swamiji and then addressed the large crowd gathered. He spoke about Shri Swamiji's central teaching of meditation in daily life and the need to take care of our own minds for a successful and stress-free life. Later Aarati was performed after which devotees sang bhajans, while the crowds went up in silence to receive prasadam and Darshan Blessings of the Great Master.


A visit had also been organized to the nearby town of Ipoh. There too a beautiful temple program had been organized. The next morning there was also a meditation session that the devotees enjoyed thoroughly. 

Fraiser's Hill Retreat

The annual 5 day retreat at Fraiser's Hill was the last event in Malaysia for the year. It was a truly enjoyable mix of meditation, questions and answer sessions, bhajans and prayers. Devotees were filled with joy and their happiness showed in their every smile. All are already counting the days to Shri Babaji's next visit in the summer.

Jai Shivabalayogi Maharaj ki!


The final leg of the December tour was in Bali, Indonesia. The culturally rich island has recently been blessed with annual visits from Shri Babaji in December. Throughout the year devotees look forward to it eagerly.

In Denpasar and Singaraja, Homa and Darshan programs were conducted for the sake of World Peace. 



On the night of Christmas, the devotees of Singaraja organized a meditation program at one of the trustees homes. The night was ended with a small dinner and ice cream for everyone! As the final public program, a meditation and question and answer session had also been organized in a large hall. Devotees gathered asked intelligent questions that brought out some subtle wisdom from the Great Master.On the last day the closer devotees had the golden opportunity of having a sea bath with their Guru. 

Desa Sawan village temple

A visit was also paid to a nearby village temple where the villagers gathered to receive Shri Babaji's Darshan.  All devotees enjoyed themselves thoroughly and bid farewell to Babaji with tears in their eyes.

Jai Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj ki!


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