Retreat at the Dehradun Ashram

In March 2010, a group of fifteen devotees from the UK, US and India traveled to the Dehradun Ashram to practice deeper sadhana under the guidance of Shri Babaji.

As well as performing long meditations, they had the rare chance to spend several hours a day in the presence of the Master.  Many had their doubts cleared and became inspired to forge ahead on the spiritual path.  Those visiting the Ashram for the first time remarked that it was not like any other Ashram they had visited.  In particular, there was a genuine feeling that everyone was family. Babaji's assistants worked very hard to make it a special experience for all.

Retreatants woke to the magnificent sight of the Shivalik ranges at dawn, enjoying a cup of tea amidst the supremely serene atmosphere before commencing meditation. After breakfast on the terrace, they walked down to the meditation hut at the bottom of the Ashram slopes for a long meditation. Before lunch, there was a chance to pose spiritual questions to Babaji. In the afternoon/evening, bhajan practice was followed by meditation, bhajans and aarati to Swamiji and Babaji. Before dinner, Babaji answered further questions on spirituality. The more that was asked, the more that came forth from the Master. Babaji emphasized that Peace is the real miracle of spirituality and dispensed with superstition with His usual humor and purpose.

There was also a chance to bathe in the Ganges at Rishikesh, visit a local school sponsored by the Ashram, enjoy a bhandara (mass feeding) with Babaji outside the meditation hut and journey to a nearby temple site with Babaji, where Swami Vivekananda and Swami Turiyananda had performed sadhanaaround a century before.

A selection of photos from the retreat are below. Please click on them to view in full size.

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