World Tour 2010 - Singapore & Malaysia

On the 13th of April Shri Babaji started His seventh world tour with devotees world wide eagerly awaiting His Presence in their home town. The tour began with visits to Singapore and Malaysia.


singapore_swami_home_visitThe Singapore group had organized two public programs during Babaji's visit. The programs started with a visit to a welfare center for the aged and mentally challenged called 'Swami Home' in Sembawang. The residents of the home had the good fortune of receiving blessings from Babaji upon His arrival at the home. Afterwards Babaji and the devotees were escorted to the public hall where they were welcomed with an Indian dance which was arranged by the management of the center.

Shri Babaji addressing the gathering said, “May there be Peace for all. Let us dream of a harmonious life of love and honor to each other.” He said that by practicing meditation not only is it possible to live a stress-free life, better concentration in all works can also be achieved.

Swami Home, through its president, expressed its gratitude to Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj and SB-SRBY Singapore group of devotees for their visit and donation to help the home in their noble cause of serving the less fortunate. The president of the home went on to say that Shri Babaji's talk was very inspiring and that he and his members were indeed very fortunate to be in Babaji's presence. This was followed by a period of silent meditation as guided by Shri Babaji.

singapore_discourse The highlight of the first program was the question and answer session where deep spiritual questions surfaced. Babaji answered all the questions with His usual patience and compassion, framed in a simple language that all could understand. singapore_qa
Answers that poured forth from Babaji's inner experience of Realization plunged the gathering into a deep reverie of remembrance and longing for the Divine.

The program came to an end with bhajans and Aarati. Blessed food, Prasadam, was served to all gathered. The devotees went up one by to pay their respects to the Great Yogi.


The second program was unique and very apt for a multicultural and multi-religious country like Singapore. Babaji kindly graced a Taoist spiritual celebration on the invitation of its members as guest of honor and blessed all who were there for the celebration.


malaysia_babaji_at_ programIn Malaysia also public programs were held in the cities Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh where thousands of devotees gathered to take blessings and receive the wisdom of a Realized Yogi. The program in Kuala Lumpur was held at the famous Batu caves where Babaji was respectfully received by the temple priests and management and invited to address the gathering. Babaji spoke of the need to meditate regularly to keep the mind healthy and build a better, harmonious society. Later in the evening, before bhajans, Aarati and Darshan, Shri Babaji's two new books, 'Guru Charanaambujam' & 'The Path Supreme', were also launched by the devotees.
malaysia _bhajansNext day a public program was held in the city of Ipoh where similarly Babaji addressed the crowds reiterating the importance of good moral values and the need to look for that Supreme Peace. A question and answer session followed which the gathering thoroughly enjoyed. The night ended with bhajans, Aarati, Darshan and Prasadam. Devotees eagerly await Shri Babaji's next visit in October. On 28th April Babaji flew off to Australia where ardent devotees awaited Him and some beautiful programs have been organized.



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