The Formal Initiation of Rekha into Sanyas

I am sure Rekha is familiar to Babaji's devotees around the world.

Nearly twenty years ago Rekha came to this ashram in Dehra Dun along with her friends. Instantly she saw an elder brother in Baba who was still Shrinivasa Dikshit by name. It was reverence with devotion. For many of those days I might have been an ordinary man serving in the ashram cooking, washing, cleaning, accounting, looking after mentally challenged etcetera, but Rekha saw differently. A person who had sacrificed a beautiful home and living penniless in the ashram doing all odd jobs and yet meditating quietly unknown to the outside world. That was how she had taken a couple of photos quietly when Baba was meditating on a rock. From day one she had become passionate to Baba and his monastic life. Unmindful of opposition and dislike from friends and family she continued to come to ashram and help Baba in all duties. She was more and more getting drawn to ashram inspired by Baba's life as a monk and always dreamt that she would undertake such a life. Opportunity came when Baba went in to a continuous five year Tapas. Crossing all hurdles she continued to come to ashram to serve Baba, during Tapas. She had to face threatening situations. Determined, courageously one day she decided to leave her parents and sibling of a beautiful home where she was brought up comfortably, affectionately. Parents had poured all love on her as she was born after a long time to her parents after their marriage. Incidentally Rekha's mother had Swamiji's darshan little before Rekha was born and had taken vibhuti blessings for a child. Probably a year later Rekha was born. She got to have Swamiji's darshan as a  child.  After that several years of gap happened. She had spent time getting educated and in sports. Ever since she entered ashram, without Baba giving any ashram name or status, unmindful of all difficulties she has continued looking after Baba and participating in Baba's mission in every way. First during Tapas which was a crucial period for Baba and mission and then accompanying Baba in his tours. Some have misunderstood her that she is there just to cook for Baba. Baba has accepted her as a mother. That is how she has been looking after Baba and mission. Many times quietly behind the scene, without any claims or boasting, she has been serving like a sanyasin. Some have noticed and appreciated her sacrifice and services; some have failed to see that sanyasin life. Many times society recognizes only clothes and not a person or life of such a person. Many times society gets impressed by colorful talking people and not by sincere work that a person does. That is what we all have faced in life. Of course there are exceptions, in the same society we have found many such people recognizing sincerity and are able to appreciate.


Sarva Sangha Parityagih iti Sanyasi”, are the words used for the sanyasin. It means the one who has sacrificed all types of mental attachments. The one who has disassociated mentally for everything, in every way. Monastic life is when one is able to give up all worldly attachments and not adopt any worldly relationship with anybody. There is a tradition in Indian culture when one adopts the life of sanyasin, such a one performs last rights for oneself. It is symbolic, to tell and adopt that such a one with the previous personality is dead for this world and a new life is adopted where one shall live to serve the world without any attachments. A reader must understand this is in no way to belittle any householder in any way. Whether a person becomes a householder by marrying or remains in celibacy and single by adopting monastic life of sanyasin, one must do sadhana of meditation etc. to achieve Self realization. Both householder and Sanyasin need to respect each other and help each other. Both are simply adopting a way of life. It has to be one's own choice and not to be imposed by the Guru. Swamiji taught us to respect both ways of life, householder and sanyasin. Whatever one adopts, it is important to live such a life sincerely as adopted.

Rekha had sacrificed her homes and had been living a life of sanyasin. Baba just asked her if it is OK for her, that Baba would like to initiate her into the order of sanyasin. She readily accepted. Disciples revere the Guru and the Guru appreciates the dedication and sacrifice done by disciples. The idea of sanyas is so that one is able to dedicate totally for mission work and not bothered by any other relationship with the world. Once again Baba says that Baba respects both ways of life.  Monk or householder, it is one's own choice. This is Baba's nature. That is why I wanted to initiate into sanyas so that she gets respect for her adoption of monastic life. Equally I love devotees all over the world and appreciate their help and services to the mission work that Baba has undertaken to spread the message of spiritual truth. Years ago when Shri Swamiji baptized me in to sanyas, told me, do not claim or boast that you are a sanyasin, live the life of a sanyasin and let people recognize and call you sanyasin.

Rekha's name as Maa Amba Shivaranjani, Amba is one of the names of Goddess Parvati and Shivaranjani means, one who enjoys consciously, in the consciousness of Shiva. Droplet consciousness called mind getting connected to the Supreme Consciousness, Shiva.

May there be peace and harmony in the society and world. May all human beings love and honour each other.

With love and blessings,


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