Tapas function, Rishikesh visit & a program in Bangalore

After a wonderful celebration of Shri Babaji's Tapas completion anniversary at the Dehradun Ashram, devotees had the golden opportunity to travel with their beloved Master to the holy town of Rishikesh. At the beautiful Ganges Babaji performed some simple rituals of worship and blessed His Disciple into Sanyas. One by one all the devotees took a dip and received the Master's Blessings.  A truly joyous occasion!

After lunch on the banks of the Ganges, Babaji and the devotees headed to the nearby Ajatananda Ashram. Swami Atmananda had organized a special Satsang and interreligious meeting in Shri Babaji's honor.  Babaji, His Disciples and the devotees were warmly welcomed and led to the newly inaugurated meditation hall. Babaji was introduced by His Disciple and He then addressed the gathering about the importance of sadhana and the common goal of all religions to realize the One Truth. He emphasized that more than second hand knowledge of scriptures it was important to practice and gain that inner experience. He then went on to explain some of the practical points of spirituality. After His most enlightening talk, the delegates were given the opportunity to ask questions. Monks of several different religions were present and some very interesting questions were asked. Babaji answered all of them patiently, in simple language clearing all doubts. Smiles and laughter were shared as humor interspersed the session. All were very appreciative of the deep wisdom of the Master. The evening ended with the sharing of Prasdam in His Holiness' presence.

A couple of weeks later Babaji travelled South to Bangalore for a beautiful meditation program organized by the trustees of the Shivabalayogi Ashram. Babaji spoke about the need to meditate and channelize the mental energies constructively for a stress free and harmonious life. In the question and answer session that followed He cleared basic doubts that occur to the minds of many youth about the superstitious beliefs that exist in religion. As always He emphasized the importance of efforts and experiencing that Truth for oneself.


Below is a selection of the photos. Please click on the icons to view the images in their full size.

Dehradun Ashram Tapas Purti Function

Rishikesh - Welcoming to Ajatananda Ashram

Rishikesh - Ajatananda Ashram Program

Bangalore Ashram Meditation Program

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