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2 July 2012. Guru Purnima - full moon day

Swamiji white backgroundDedicated to the manifestation of our God - our Divine Guru Shivarudrabalayogi. It is a second time, when the Divine's Grace showered London devotees with Babaji's presence on such an auspicious occasion.

At 7pm people gathered at the Friend's Meeting House in central London to show reverence to the One who is the dispeller of our darkness, the giver of knowledge and wisdom.

Originally an event was planned in a different venue, which was changed at the last minute, caused by a double booking. Organisers were stressed and confused, hopelessly trying to find a new venue at such short notice. London before the Olympics is not the easiest time to search for a new venue with one week left before the programme. Unexpectedly, the opportunity arose at Friend's Meeting House, which is usually booked every day of the year by other groups. That Monday evening it was available for us. This fact put a smile on our faces, which we would like to share with you all. A little of the Divine's play. Quakers' Meeting House is a special place for SRBY (UK), because that is where our weekly satsangs are held throughout the year. Two weeks ago, we had our last satsang at the same hall, where we gathered for this Guru Purnima today. One of Babaji's devotees entered this hall on that last devotional satsang and said; "Wouldn't it be nice to have Babaji here one day?” Two weeks later our Divine Master is here, sitting in front of all of us in our place of worship and meditation, blessing every particle of this building by His presence. So many times we sat here in front of His picture with our hearts full of love and devotion. But today, on the day of Guru Purnima, we all sat in the same place, at The Lotus Feet of our Master in His physical presence. That's the Divine Guru's Grace, that is our Babaji as " The All Pervaded I " in motion. Everywhere in everything at all times.

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The event started with Babaji paying His respects to Swamiji by performing His Aarati. It was followed by Babaji's special discourse. Every word that Babaji spoke was a precious jewel of the Ultimate Truth and His whole being conveyed the infinite love to His beloved Master and dedication to achieve the goal. As always Babaji was a constant source of inspiration, but this evening in a unique and emotional way. Again Babaji shared the story of Rama and Hanuman as an example of the perfect Guru - disciple relationship. Showing us how faith and devotion can make everything possible.

Click here for Shri Babaji Guru Purnima Message - London, 2 July 2012

"Only Swamiji I had throughout all creations of the universe. Nothing else was there for me," Babaji said. "I must do it or die." It says it all. Just as every word of Babaji's was full of love and reverence towards His Master, so every beat of our hearts and every breath were dedicated to our Master as our Universe. This flow of love in every heart created a very emotional and devotional evening. It felt as if the whole building was charged with the powerful Divine energy. As if God Himself sat in front of us. Tears of love washed many faces and the peace and silence beyond the all-inspiring talk and beautiful singing touched every soul, knowingly or unknowingly. After Babaji's devotional singing people were still sitting mesmerised in their places. As if their inner voice was whispering, "Let us stay a bit longer in that love and peace beyond it all, if we could only stay there for eternity, unmoved from where we are. Right now. Right here, at the Lotus Feet of the Realised Master, an Enlightened, real Guru who Liberated Himself and is capable of leading the disciple to Liberation. Our manifestation of God in flesh and bones, sitting in front of us conveying nothing but the Ultimate Truth. This is very rare. How fortunate we are? How many times we can bow, how thankful all of us can be for this opportunity? It will never be enough. Only Babaji has the perfect ability to express and explain in fullness His devotion and dedication to His Master. Our hearts are also crying out of love towards our Babaji, but we could only convey it in silence. Our words would never be enough. Guru Purnima was in our hearts, in our soul, in silence. Everything was there.

guru purnima_2012

"It's you and your God only." Babaji says. So all of us had a different experience, but all of us shared that one love, reverence and dedication to our Everything. Our Mother, our Father, our Friend, our Master, our God, our Divine, our Everything. All of us every day, every moment will be carrying this inspiration and yearning to achieve. "You practice and one day this Truth will be yours." Babaji says. “It is your faith that can work wonders." One day, sooner or later, all of us will be able to live out this Truth as our reality. Only one mantra we need to remember, "Dedication, Patience and Determination." And who else is there on this planet to guide us to such height's, to our Real Self? Who else is here to remind us every moment, "Look within yourself only, God is within you each and everyone. Look and you will find Him." And maybe that is why, even without hearing the answer of Saint Kabir, our hearts silently prostrate in front our Master first and not just on Guru Purnima, but every moment of our lives. What else is here on this planet without our Divine Guru Babaji? How miserable this place would be? Such a unique and profound relationship for everyone.

At the end of the programme people were able to offer some flower petals to Babaji as a sign of reverence and convey their message one to one.

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Love and peace filled every heart, every soul, but at the same time everything was immersed into the silence beyond all actions and talk. It felt as if every soul was singing;

"In the still of the night, from the darkness comes a light,

And I know in my heart it is You.

When the fire in my soul burns with longing for the goal

Then I know in my heart it is You.

When the Truth is revealed, all the sorrows will be healed

And I know in my heart it is You - Babaji."

And our souls will be singing this song till the last breath of our lives. Guru Purnima is every day, every moment, silently living in our hearts and always prostrating to our beloved Master Shivarudrabalayogi - Our Everything.

guru purnima_pada_puja_2012

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