7th August Tapasyuttsava Celebrations at Dehradun Ashram

The 7th August may be an ordinary date for the world, but it is one of the most special days for devotees of Shivabalayogi Maharaj. Satyaraju, a little boy from a small hamlet called Adivarapupeta had a Divine manifestation of Lord Shiva on this auspicious day of 7th August 1949. From a little boy He achieved the God-hood, the Divinity and became Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.

On this day the little boy, Satyaraju, while playing with his friends, when he tried to squeeze the fruit of Palmera, that fruit took the shape of a Shivalingum. Nobody saw that Lingum and the Divine manifestation but only that little boy Satyaraju had the Darshan of the Jangama Sage (Lord Shiva). That was the transformative moment of this small boy's life which led him to sit for a 12 years grueling and vigorous Tapas, which was not an ordinary effort to achieve mind control by any ordinary human being. But this was a most phenomenal achievement by a small boy who only got a very basic academic education.

Swamiji proved to the world that one doesn't need an academic education to control the mind and achieve the Ultimate of a human birth, the Supreme Awareness – Self Realization. Satyaraju began his Tapas on this date of 7th August and completed the 12 years on this same date in 1961.

All of Swamiji's Ashram, centers and devotees celebrate this 51st Tapasyuttsava day around the world. At the Dehradun Ashram we celebrated this special day with morning puja to Lord Ganesha, to the Divine Guru Shri Shivabalayogi, the ShivaLingum and Swamiji's Holy Mother Parvathamma. Fire homa was conducted by the Ashram priest for which many devotees gathered for the occasion. Following, everybody joined together to sing Bhajans and kirtan to our Divine Guru Swamiji. We had a beautiful arati, everyone was absorbed in a devotional ecstasy and the atmosphere was pure and soul uplifting. Afterwards a mass feeding was offered and everybody enjoyed the delicious Prasad.

Our devotional tributes to our Divine Guru, may our Guru Maharaj bless all the devotees around the world to be at His Lotus Feet and achieve the Supreme Peace.

At the Divine Feet of our Guru Maharaj ...

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