The Celebration of Shri Babaji's Birthday – 20 September 2012

Bright sunshine and blue skies welcomed everyone as the Homa ceremony started the day's celebrations. Many wonderful chants were performed as the bright flames and words held the attention.

This was then followed by bhajans sung and accompanied by many skilled performers.

The evening program started with Pada Puja, as a long line of devotees paid their respects at Babaji's Feet. During this Shri Babaji sat for over an hour the embodiment of perfect stillness of the mind and body. Many beautiful bhajans were sung by local and Malaysian devotees to accompany the puja. Babaji then spoke to the large number of local people and many that had come from all parts of India and other countries, sitting in the center of the well decorated stage as the Ashram grounds and building shone bejeweled with hundreds of colored lights.

Babaji then sang and this was followed by Aarati to Swamiji and Babaji. Four large and beautifully made cakes were then offered for Babaji's blessings. Each person present then went to Babaji on the stage to pranam and be handed their Prasad before then going for bhandara, mass feeding in the grounds.

The evening finally ended at about midnight with everyone retiring happy to rest. The following day (21st) a visit to Haridwar was made with Shri Babaji and devotees to conclude the Birthday celebrations.

This was not however the only event celebrating Babaji's birthday. Celebrations had already taken place as Australian devotees gathered and chanted, sang bhajans and shared a meal and later, as those in India were closing, those in the UK were just starting with bhajans, meditation, Aaratis – and a birthday cake. Then, as the Earth rotated onwards towards the closure of the day around the world, devotees across America thought of their beloved Guru on this special day – the day that we can all say our thanks and prayers in gratitude that we have been given this rare and precious present from the Divine Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. We have all been Blessed.

Babaji has received many wonderful messages from around the world, sending Him good wishes on this auspicious day. He has read each and every one of them and is grateful to all well wishers. It has not been possible for Him to reply personally to each one, there are so many, but He has sent several messages of thanks on His Twitter account, and would again here like to send His Love and Blessings and appreciations to everyone for their messages and good wishes.

Below are a selection of photos from the events. Please click on the images to view them in full size.

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