Babaji's UK Advanced Course Programme - Photo Article

On two beautiful summer days people gathered from all parts of London, travelling up to 120 miles each day, for the opportunity to hear the wisdom of a Realised Yogi.

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As sometimes happens there had been a few difficulties and challenges to overcome in order to get this event up and running, but with Swamiji's Grace and some dedicated effort by many willing devotees everyone rallied around and made it all happen – to everyone's delight.

At the set time on the first evening the moment of truth – one click of a button, the breath momentarily held and then there was Babaji, larger than life on screen, His smile beaming out to us all. The effect was immediate, smiles everywhere. Babaji greeted everyone and straight away spoke on the great Truths of spirituality.

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The title for this special Advanced course was 'In Quest of the Truth of Existence' and immediately those who sought this highest Truth were being immersed in the insight of One who knows – Pure, Direct Wisdom.

"Instead of allowing the mind to wither away with confusions and with millions and millions of thought processes, you will be able to control and keep it quiet when you want to keep it quiet, and think only when you want to think; that's how the meditation can help you."

"When we are able to think healthily, we are able to uphold moral values, that is the consideration to each other. So that is what we Yogis try to teach. Human harmony first. We do not teach any religious doctrine. We are for all humanity. All are same for us."

"Insecurity is one of the basic reasons why humanity goes into conflicts. Once you realise what you are, you become so secure. You achieve the Supreme Peace and Happiness at all times, under all circumstances. In every situation you will have that Peace and Happiness."

"The ancient sages always recommended, when you come face to face in your consciousness, and when that consciousness is not into any type of imaginations, know That as the real Truth of Existence. That is the amazing experience and also a lot of secrets of the mind you will come across if you practice this meditation regularly."

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After a meditation period there then followed the main part – a chance for everyone to gain answers to their questions. Immediately the first question came and many then flowed.

All too soon the event was over but Babaji then let people come up and have personal Darshan with Him over headphones individually.

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He introduced Maa Ambaji, His Monastic Disciple who, as always, had sat quietly to the side out of sight but making sure everything was going well. He explained how she has served Him for so many years, since before Tapas in the Dehra Dun Ashram, all through the five years of Tapas and ever since, wherever Babaji needs her to work and serve Him and His devotees, there she will be, tirelessly working. A living teaching to us all.


Having tested the technology and found it worked so well, everyone is looking forward to the other live events with Babaji:

Saturday 21st: General Public Programme – talk, meditation, questions and answers, bhajans and opportunity for individual Darshan. This will start at 5pm at the Strand Palace Hotel and will cover all aspects of meditation and spiritual practice.

Tuesday 24th: Devotional Programme talk and bhajans.

All the events above are free of charge.

There will also be a Residential Weekend in a beautiful part of the countryside near the picturesque town of Cirencester. The event starts at 5pm on Friday 27th and ends Sunday 29th afternoon. There will be several question and answer sessions with Babaji live via Skype and meditation sessions in this peaceful location. Each evening will end with devotional singing. There is a charge to cover the cost of the retreat.

Special Three-Part Course by Amba Shivaranjani, Babaji's senior monastic disciple

Fridays 4, 11 and 18 July, 7pm

For more details on any of these events please go to the main page here.


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