Deepavali - Malaysia October 2014

A blessed week of celebrations with Shri Babaji

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The Malaysian devotees were humbled by this rare opportunity to honour our beloved Shri Babaji on the momentous occasion of his 60th birthday and to be able to participate in celebrations expressing our love and gratitude for the blessings bestowed to us by our Gurus. Shri Babaji and Ambaji were received in Kuala Lumpur on the 18th of October 2014, and the arrival of our Divine Guru was marked with a ceremonial Patha Pooja and Arathi as His Presence graced the Rawang Centre. Soulful bhajans were sung as the devotees paid homage to Shri Babaji. With the arrival of Shri Babaji, thus began a much anticipated week of celebration.

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On the 19th of October, Shri Babaji travelled 200 kilometres north to the city of Ipoh where the programmes of the day began with a Satsang session. Shri Babaji, in all His wisdom, spoke of the need to continuously and unwaveringly serve the Mission, as well as to persevere and be stead-fast in the practice of Meditation. Shri Babaji expounded to all that meditation is the secret to achieving true happiness and bliss.

The evening programme at the Ipoh centre commenced with Shri Babaji being welcomed with Patha Pooja and Arathi, accompanied by the beating of traditional temple drums as well as the lighting of celebratory firecrackers. The magnificent statue of Shri Swamiji gracing the Ipoh centre was adorned with beautiful flowers, and His majestic presence and grace was bestowed upon all present. The ceremonies began with an hour-long Pooja for Shri Babaji, who was seated at the Lotus Feet of Shri Swamiji's statue. The chanting of reverential mantras accompanied the Pooja which was steeped in Hindu tradition. Following the singing of melodious bhajans, Babaji cut a cake celebrating His 60th birthday.

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The week continued with Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, which was celebrated in Malaysia on the 22nd of October 2014. This celebration of the triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness was made especially meaningful with the presence of our Divine Guru. The evening programme at the Rawang centre commenced with a Pooja and flower offerings at the Lotus feet of Shri Babaji, accompanied by the singing of bhajans. In His Deepavali message, Shri Babaji emphasised that, "A human life is the rarest of all rare gems. Never waste this human life. Every moment is precious. Meditate and know yourself. This is such a beautiful human life that we have been given. If we aim for peace and happiness, we should aim for the highest supreme Peace at all times. To know ourself should be the purpose of life".

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Following this inspiring message, dinner was served and Shri Babaji continued to bless all devotees while seated on a beautiful outdoor dias surrounded by twinkling lights. During dinner, a repetoire of songs, both bhajans as well as melodious tamil songs entertained all present.

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The 25th of October 2014 was the culmination of the week of celebrations in honour of Shri Babaji's 60th birthday. Mission members worked tirelessly for many days in preparation for this event which was held at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club and Resort. The hall was elaborately decorated in shades of shimmering gold with a stunning dias specially constructed for the event.

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The programme began at 7pm, when Shri Babaji accompanied by Ambaji, was led into the hall by the young children of the Mission dressed beautifully as various Dieties. Shri Babaji then paid homage to His Guru before He took His seat on the glowing dias. Patha Pooja was then performed by all, with the continuous chanting of Vedic scriptures, by 5 Hindu priests providing a mesmerising accompaniment to the reverential ceremony. In His birthday message, Shri Babaji once again called on all devotees to remember the importance of meditation in the discovery of true peace and happiness.

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This was followed by the cake-cutting ceremony, where our beloved Shri Babaji's life and legacy was celebrated with a spirited rendition of the 'Happy Birthday' song. The ceremonies continued with the honouring of Ambaji's unwavering devotion and unconditional support and service to Shri Babaji as He tirelessly spreads the teachings of his Guru. This ceremony then was followed by the singing of the Mission Song by all devotees. As each and every devotee stood to sing, it embodied a pledge of our commitment and a promise of our service at the Lotus feet of our Gurus.

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As a sumptuous dinner was served, melodious bhajans illustrating the melodic journey of the Malaysian mission throughout the years was performed by the bhajan team. The vibrations from the harmony of music and song, a merging of melody and devotion, induced waves of love and peace to all those present. The vibrations of the sound wave permeating the atmosphere had a transformational energy which was further amplified by the physical presence of our beloved Shri Babaji.

As the bhajans continued, Arathi was taken while fireworks and lights lit up the stage. As Shri Babaji exited the hall, a sensation of overwhelming love and joy enveloped all present. was a night of joyous celebration. It was a celebration of love, dedication and devotion to Shri Swamiji and Shri Babaji. It was also celebration of teamwork, creativity, endurance, fortitude and patience, all of which was inspired by the grace of Shri Swamiji and Shri Babaji.

Thus, a blessed week of joy, love and celebration in the physical presence of our beloved Guru came to an end. We, the Malaysian mission were truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to partake in the celebrations of our beloved Shri Babaji's 60th birthday and we will forever be inspired by the grace and blessings of Shri Swamiji and Shri Babaji.

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