Question: What is the importance of devotion?


It is total faith. It is just like here, there are television waves. Unless there is a perfect receiver you won't be able to see the picture. Only when the receiver is equally powerful then you will be able to see the picture. When you switch it on, the picture is there. Even now the picture is there, the waves are being transmitted, but because we switch it off that is why we don't see any picture. The moment we switch it on, we see the picture.

The same way when you have total faith and devotion in the mind, your mind becomes receptive, so it is able to receive such vibrations. It is an Automatic Divine activity.  So when you sit with a Yogi you will be able to feel those vibrations when you are devoted, just like when you are in the presence of God.  There will be much enhancement. One needs to have that devotion.


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