Question:  Babaji, I've only recently become interested and drawn to Shivabalayogi. But for years before that I've been interested in Ramakrishna, Shirdi Sai Baba and other teachers. Should you try to stick to one teacher, or is it okay to have an interest in all these various teachers?


It is definitely okay to have interest in various teachers, as long as you don't get confused. Because at that level, all are same, all are teaching the same thing. The basic idea, if you try to have an insight, is simply that mind control is the first thing. In different terminologies they have told, whether you do bhakti, whether you do meditation. So there is no difference, they are all same. They have all become one with God means, that's the same Ocean, in different forms you want to visualize. Sage Dattatreya is supposed to have had 24 gurus.  Even our Vedas tell: "Let noble thoughts come from all sides."

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