Question: I feel that man after inventing and discovering something similar to a sand particle compared to the entire creation of God started questioning the Absolute's existence. This is all I think due to modern education. Even if some believe in God, they accept Him with fear.


Faith is having confidence in your Self, the Divinity that is within you. Think positively and regularly that everything is Divine play. Every good and bad is simply Divine play. Ultimately you will go back to your Divinity definitely. Look into our lives for inspiration. Think positively that if Babaji could do it, you can also do it.  If at all thoughts need to keep coming, think about God and Guru as one. Assure your Mind that everything will be alright and okay and that come what may, you are not going to give up or look back. Till the last breath of life it is worth putting efforts and praying for faith. It will happen. Belief does not mean blind faith. It is also positive thinking, having confidence in yourself and having faith that the Guru is always with you, looking after. Faith is life and Doubt is death. I pray for you.

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