Question: I find it much stronger when I am in your presence than when I am at home. I find it rather complicated my having to try and conceive God because in meditation one is dissolving into God as if God is within, and in prayer when one is praying to God as if God is over there. We are here, God is there. In service, it is almost as if God is behind one and one is using one's hands to do His work. So sometimes I wish that God would stay still because He is in three different places. I just like to have things simple and that confusion how to relate to God. I'm trying to decide on my daily practice because it is impossible to do everything. I like to do prayer and meditation and japas and prana exercises and yoga and visualization exercises and service but I wouldn't have time to work. So what advice have you got for that?


One thing is about My presence. If you can feel Me within you, you will always feel My presence and you will feel inspired to proceed on the path of meditation. It will become easier.
Confusion about God; that confusion occurs when your mind is trying to analyze. Trying to think, trying to know. If you sacrifice this, just go on doing the exercises that you mentioned. If you want to do japa, do the japa. Don't think where God is, What God is, What I'm doing, What I'm not. Just do the japa. And if you are doing any worship, any yoga at that time do that one simply. So then the mind comes out of this confusion and you will know that God is everywhere. He can be behind, He can be in front, He can be within, and He can be out. It's up to God wherever He wants to appear let Him appear. There is no need to be confused. He can come as a human; He can come as something else. Let Him come as He wishes. Why should we bother? So if you adopt this attitude then your mind recedes and looses this agitation of confusions. So then your sadhana becomes more effective and progress becomes easy for you. It's like simply you have to jump into the river means jump into it. Don't bother about what the river is. How much is this like that here. It's the attitude in meditation otherwise the mind gets involved into this and the meditation process becomes curtailed.


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