Question: Babaji, You speak about God being connected to the space, is this correct?


Due to what we have been taught some feelings have been given about space, void, emptiness and such. That is why if I say that this space is nothing but God, people may laugh. That is why you have to experience that this is not an inert voidness, it is Supreme Consciousness. Just like inside an earthenware pot the space is a Soul, but in reality the same Soul or Self is everywhere. The same Soul is within and outside also. That is what is meant when people talk about 'all pervading'. You also think, If it is all pervading, it has to be at every place. According to physics no two things can occupy the same space, so it has to be God. Space and God cannot be together in one place. Either it has to be the space and not God, or it has to be God. So that is how the Divine is all pervading. That is what it means. Simply because we do not know how to recognise or communicate, to communicate with this space called God means through the mind. That is the clue, your own mind. When its concentrated without resolutions then your mind can go back and experience Self as the consciousness expands.

As long as you proceed you want to imagine God. When you experience God that imagination also will have gone. A single Self exists. That is why so many terminologies have been used by different people, Self Realized souls. Some have used the term as God, some have used the term 'Self Realization', they are all the same, the Real Self or God, it's all the same. Whether you imagine it or don't imagine it, it's all the same. You can experience only when you go beyond imagination. As long as there is imagination you are likely to get confused.

A Guru trying to teach for the sake of understanding has to imagine and use these terminologies; otherwise it's impossible to teach. That is how the advaita was also taught by imaginations only. The skill part the Guru has to imagine and teach. When you imagine only, you can invent some terminologies and teach. Ultimately the Guru advises you to experience. Don't pick anything else, it will confuse you. In theYoga Vasistha discourse to Sri Rama, after Sri Rama and Laksmana had come back from a pilgrimage, Sri Rama was quite depressed. The Sage Vishwamitra came to take Sri Rama and Laksmana to ask them to protect his fire sacrifice. At first Dasaratha, the king and their father, refuses. He says that he and his army can come and protect the fire sacrifice instead. But Vishwamitra demands, "If you send only Rama and Laksmana that is OK. Otherwise I shall go then." The Sage Vasistha says, "Please send Rama and Laksmana with them. You don't know the powers of Rama." Then the chamberlain adds, "Ever since he came back from the pilgrimage Sri Rama does not talk to anyone, he does not smile at all, he has stopped eating properly. Quietly he is absorbed into some unknown path. So then Vasistha tells the court, "Let me talk to him." When Sri Rama comes to the court, Vasistha asks, "What has happened to you, please explain it to me?" Then he talks of his detachment. "What is this world? What am I? What is life? What is the purpose of life? Even when I am eating, one day I have to die. If I don't eat, also I have die. If I like it or not, I have to sleep, I have to eat, where is the liberation then? When I am forced to do everything?" So, like this he talks, whilst all are listening. Then Vasistha teaches him the yoga - what the Self is,  the mind and its imagination and space.

That's basically what he teaches him. All the mind and its imaginations can be a problem. As long as the mind imagines, it doesn't reveal the truth. Once you are able to control the mind and lose all its imaginations, then you will know who you are.

At the end of those discourses on the seventh day, Sri Rama became Realized as at the end Vasishta tells him, "All these days that I was discoursing are also not true. All thoughts. There are no conclusive answers, so do not imagine anything, just become still and Realized and then go about in this world."


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