Question: We often hear the expression, "God is within you." What does this mean?


It is not that He is limited to the physical body. He is that Pure Consciousness. Like a droplet to the ocean, this droplet - the mind - has to go back and be absorbed in that. This is 'Moksha', 'Nirvana' - there are various terms for this. So all these technologies are to concentrate the mind. When it is distracted, the consciousness spreads out and then all the happiness or unhappiness appears to be happening to you only. It is like when you are watching a movie, and then you get involved in the movie, and suddenly someone comes and pats you and reminds you, "It is just a movie."

In one of the temples in India there are two mirrors placed opposite to each other. Then when one looks in the mirror, the images seem to go on and on forever - actually it is just two mirrors.

In the same way with the Guru and Disciple, God and Creation - when it merges, all are only one.

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