Question: In your last answer you instructed us, "If Guru is available, go to Him. "For 20 years I had a different Guru. I didn't meet Swamiji physically, but I read the book 'Tapas Shakti', and I felt so much for Him. What I feel for Him and His teachings is so overwhelming it is difficult to put into words. Can you please explain how we look for the Guru?


Ultimately it is difficult to give a definite answer; it is all part of the Divine Play. When the soul's time is ripe, then the Divine guides the soul to a real Guru. So many Gurus have come - Shankaracharya, Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna. Though they have dropped their body, they are still alive through their teachings being kept properly. So we are trying to do this; Swamiji was such a great personality and great Guru. Ultimately the Guru and disciple are connected through so many lives, and thus one is guided back to them; ultimately it is Divine Grace. When I first saw Swamiji I was immediately drawn to Him, I fell in love with Him. I was attracted whether He was good or bad; there was no thinking involved in this attraction. Luckily He was a great Yogi. One really needs to be sincere to yourself, then you get the Divine's Blessings and Grace, and this takes you to the right Guru.

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