Question: What is the role of Guru on the path to Realization?


Guru first initiates by showing the correct method. He will inspire you and clear your doubts. Guru can fill you with inspiration - 'If I have achieved, then you can also achieve.' If one has faith and devotion to the Guru, then one will be serious in their efforts. Reverence to the Guru makes one serious in one's efforts. Because you are serious, you are here at this talk with Baba, instead of making excuses to do other things.
If you were casual, you would not be here with Baba.

If God and Guru come in front of you, then to whom would you first prostate? One would prostrate first to the Guru, because it is the Guru who has shown you God. We were always taught when we were young, 'If God gets angry, Guru will protect; but if Guru gets angry, then not even the God can protect you.' But Yogis don't really get annoyed and angry with people. If at all they do pull people up, it is for those people's own good - only from love.

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