Question: Babaji, I understand that there's something special about you, which is why I'm here this weekend. But I also look at you, and I see an ordinary person, which for me is the essential part of becoming fully realized, that the more ordinary I become, the more opportunity I have to become enlightened. One of the things I have a problem with is the concept of reverence. It just doesn't come naturally for me. Sometimes I have a feeling, I'm wondering what is the role of having reverence for a fully awakened being, such as yourself?


When you have reverence to such a personality or to such a Yogi, considering him a Guru, you will become more serious. Seriously you will adopt all the methods taught, and you will pursue on the path seriously. You see, you had that reverence to me, that's why seriously you have come here. Otherwise you wouldn't have been that serious to come and look at my teachings. You would have taken casually, you would have seen a brochure; "Oh some saint is coming, let him come and talk, I will have some other chance, I need to do these things, I need to do such things.” But suddenly if you develop a reverence, no I must go and meet him, I must go and listen to what he has to say. So that is what is the effect of reverence. That's why reverence is always taught. It is important to have reverence to the Guru, so that you follow it seriously. That's the important thing.


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