Question: Can you talk a little bit about destiny, choice and free will?


Very often in this world the word 'destiny' is used but free will and effort are very important.  Before applying any effort through your free will, you should not think of destiny. With the thought of destiny comes the normal imagination that destiny is, 'Whatever has to happen, it will happen.'  You cannot afford to sit in a corner and think that 'whatever has to happen will happen.' You should put in efforts. 

'Destiny' is taught so you can see that sometimes, even when you put in efforts, the results might not be coming as you expect. When this happens, the mind gets frustrated and looses all hope of further effort. So that is when it is taught that you are destined to have these things. Do not worry much about these things, so that the mind can simply accept the result. That is when the destiny is used, so that you can put in efforts again. You try again, maybe you can change your destiny.  So I would say that by putting in efforts you can shape your destiny in a better way.  That is always possible.


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