Question: Babaji, can you explain karma and grace?


Karma and grace. You see in bhakti marga always it is said whatever happens, the Divine's Grace has to descend. Only then the time becomes ripe and you can do. Until then whatever you do, it doesn't happen, they say. But the Grace has to come from the Divine, and the Grace is always flowing. You have to become receptive by having that faith and devotion, and you put in your efforts.

Putting in efforts is your job. You just take care of that one and God will always do His duty. He never goes back on His duty. He will always provide the things that are needed, if you have that faith and the devotion. So that is what is karma and Grace, they go together - the broadcast and the receiver. Like they say, Guru's blessings, Yogi's vibrations, are always flowing. My Guru used to tell, "You have to build the dam called faith and devotion, then you can receive the blessings." That's what happens. It is always said that you take two steps and God will come to you ten steps. So that is how the karma and Grace can happen together.

You see, devotion means you love God. When you love God sincerely, your consciousness is always on God, and that becomes unconditional when you really love God.

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