Question: Is there any merit in meditating on any other Chakra?

There is really no need because the mind has to come upwards. Among other chakras, ajna chakra is the top most chakra. That is why the mind has to come here. Then you'll be the commanding officer of your own mind energy. Your mind has to come here. This is the closest to the brain. When the mind totally comes here then it lifts the body consciousness, what you call as kundalini also. They are not the physical chakras actually. One can always try to practice if one has been practicing, but ultimately it has to come here again. So if you hold your mind at the ajna chakra the rest automatically happens. The body consciousness also comes over here and then it gets delinked from the brain, when it goes to samadhi. That's when you might feel sometimes as if you are here (at the head) before you lose all the location of going into samadhi. This location is what is called the sahasra kamala.


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