Question: Can You please speak about the chakra energy systems?


This chakra system is a terminology used in ancient times to discuss the rise of the kundalini energy. I'll try to explain. The kundalini is nothing but a part of the soul's conscious energy which has gone out into the body, in the same way as the mind has gone out into the world. This gives us the body consciousness. Sadhana is taught to control the mind because the kundalini is less powerful than the mind. So if the mind is controlled first, then it draws up the kundalini, and as the kundalini rises, it passes through various chakras, each with its own name - Muladhara, and so on. At the Sahasrara chakra situated at the top of the head, the mind and kundalini become one, and the mind is then delinked from the brain. This happens just before samadhi. But the sadhak should not worry too much about these things, as all these things distract the mind and can simply build up more new imaginations in the mind. If you bring back the mind to its source, this will all happen by itself.

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