Question: Can you tell us something about the heart energy?

Babaji: Spiritually the heart is mentioned for the emotional feelings of the mind. That is why when some teachers try to explain the spiritual heart is on the right side, it is only a symbolic explanation. Heart energy means the emotional feelings of the mind. In ancient times the sages have told that the mind can normally take into six shapes. Kama means extreme greediness, krodha means extreme anger, lobha means extreme stinginess, moha is extreme attachment to materialistic things, madha is attachment to false pride and matsarya is jealousy. These are the six enemies of the human mind. Adi Shankara said, "Whoever has this in their minds is the first casualty."

Apart from these there is another energy, love. You are able to love, so that is why it is taught that you love God. God is the worthiest substance of existence who you can love. It is the permanent entity. It can protect you. You can become one with God. So by loving God you should be able to tap all your emotional energy into a single-pointedness. That is how the energies flow. In meditation you are trying to transcend all types of feelings once and for all, you overcome everything and try and become one with that God without trying to imagine anything. So these are some of the points about heart and energy which you can channel. If you feel the emotions you can love, so having reverence to the Guru and having reverence to God is all recommended in the path of bhakti, the path of devotion, so your mind can be single pointed and eventually it will be helpful for meditation, reverence meaning respect at its highest pitch. Suppose you develop a respect for me naturally in your heart then seriously you will try to do meditation even when I physically go away from here you would not give up. Otherwise one is likely to become casual and lazy and postpone things, “Today I cannot do it, tomorrow let me do it.” Like that, one year might simply pass and you won't have practiced anything. So if you are seriously having some respect that is important, that is taught. Then you will seriously do everything, every day without failing.


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