Question: Babaji I wondered if you could talk a little bit more about kundalini and how to avoid any problems if you happen to raise kundalini  because there are several people that I have come in contact with who have had such problems.


One thing which is important to understand is what kundalini is. The term is used, it means coiled energy. That is what kundalini is. Kundalini is nothing but the other portion of the mind. One portion of the soul's consciousness has gone into the world with imaginations. Based on the thoughts you recognize it as the mind. If you remove all the thoughts, what is the mind made up of? It is a pure consciousness. That's all. So the same pure consciousness has gone into the body. It has spread all over the body, which is known as kundalini.  Because of this consciousness only you have obtained consciousness of yourself as the physical body. That potency of strength of consciousness is less than that of the mind which is spread through the universe and is infinite. So now the sadhana starts so that first you try to control the mind because when the mind comes one hundred percent totally concentrated then it can lift the kundalini easily. They both become one piece and get delinked from the brain's reflections and go towards Samadhi. This is what happens.

Compared to the mind, kundalini is weak. The mind is stronger because it is spread widely, its strength is much more. Without proper detachment and sadhana the mind does not come. Some people try to raise the kundalini by some means and then this problem arises because it cannot come up, it cannot withdraw the mind easily. The mind can get into a lot of greed and lust. It might run and then the kundalini might get dropped or get stuck. This type of energy problem can happen. That is why a sadhak is always advised just to bother to concentrate about the mind, not to bother about the kundalini. When the mind comes as much it can come, it tries to become concentrated and it keeps trying to lift the kundalini. Nothing else will happen. Simply some energy movement, some burning sensation, these type of things do happen. So when the mind again runs away, that also falls again. One day, when the mind is able to come back one hundred percent totally concentrated then it lifts the kundalini easily on its own. That's why in ancient times the teacher would have been talking like this and different misunderstandings have been happening. Just like serpent power, a coil, a serpent.

As a child, sometimes I also used to think that if at all there is a serpent in the body, scientists would have operated and taken it out and kept it in the museum. "What is this kundalini?" I used to wonder. But finally when we did sadhana we understood that it is only the consciousness, that's why it is invisible. You cannot catch hold of it. That doesn't happen. Suppose a teacher would have been explaining, "When the mind comes one hundred percent, so this kundalini rises like a serpent, like this." So the student who would have been listening, if they had misunderstood what the teachers said, something like serpent rising. "Oh, it must be some serpent which is inside the stomach or somewhere it is lying." So these types of misunderstandings always happen by not paying proper attention to the teachings of a Guru.

These are all the misunderstandings, miscalculations, mis-happenings. My advice is one should never try to raise the kundalini without trying to bring the mind into control. That's when some problems might arise.


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