Question: Babaji, is it necessary to raise the kundalini before meditating?


Kundalini is nothing but the other portion of the mind. The soul's consciousness has gone into two portions by being in touch with the brain. One portion that has gone into the universe with thoughts, you call it as mind. Another portion that has gone inside the body, which has given you the consciousness of body as yourself, is known as this kundalini - coiled energy.

But for a sadhak, first it is important that you try to control the mind, withdraw the mind, because compared to the mind kundalini is less powerful. Without proper vairagya - detachment, mind does not come back, does not get withdrawn from its cravings and clinging on habits to this world.

So before controlling the mind, one should not try to raise the kundalini. Because even if kundalini comes up a little bit, it cannot withdraw the mind totally and when it gets fallen a lot of lust and greed can get created. So the sadhak must try to control the mind first. When the mind comes back one hundred percent it can lift the kundalini easily, they both become one consciousness, get de-linked from the brain's reflections and start going towards the Self, into Samadhi in other words.

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