Modern technology

In today's modern life, is there anything that you would guard us against, becoming involved in? All of the information we're inundated with, the computer, television, are they things we should watch out for?


Yes, you need to take care. Too much exposure could be very disturbing to the mind, so you need to stop. Like, I have always told, fifty or sixty years ago when we were born, our parents didn't have much of a challenge because we got very much less exposed. Slowly, slowly, in a minimum way we learnt, and we were at peace. The mind was more composed. We utilized everything, we learnt proper culture and everything. 

The present-day children today are getting very quickly exposed to the world. So much is there, more than there is necessary, stuffed into their brains and minds and it becomes a big challenge for parents to take care of their children's character, culture, their path, everything. So very often they become rebellious in the process of answering and questioning. This is what is happening. So if you see, whenever your mind is unconscious of this word, you derive the best happiness. Like in the sound sleep. So that is what is important.

Like I always tell, everything that we have invented and discovered through science, technology and so on is all wonderful. But it is the mind which has to utilize everything we have done. If it simply wastes time and energy, we won't be achieving anything for ourselves, and we will be a useless creature in the world also. 

Many youngsters simply use time gossiping using these computers, mobile phone gadgets and all such things. So, whatever it is meant for, we should use it for that. See, a mobile phone. It is so beautiful to communicate. If we use it for minimum just to communicate, it is not meant for gossiping all the time. And people have become so preoccupied with gossiping, they cannot sit even for five minutes, steady and simply quiet. In that time also, they have to be sending messages to each other, they have to be gossiping. 

Thus they are getting too much disturbed also, they are unable to apply and used their brains. So these aspects need to be taken care of. If we take the spirituality along with the science and technology together, then humanity as a whole will be benefited.


25 May 2014

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