What is the nature of regret?


If you regret, you feel disappointed. 

In this world, generally people are likely to have expectations. They need to make a decision while going through the time in this world, that is the life. After the birth, the death happens, in-between is the life. So we need to make decisions. 

We try to make a decision so that we can get everything according to our expectations. If such a thing doesn't happen, then one is likely to regret. So that is what causes a disappointment or a frustration.

In spirituality, it is taught, once you take a decision, do not regret. Just like a soldier - what my Guru used to tell - you take a decision and go to the battlefield, because you don't have to regret. Either you do, or you die. So this world is also a battlefield. That is the nature of regret. 

25 May 2014

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